Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How to identify flooded vehicles? You must learn these knowledge points

Everyone knows that even if a new car goes out, even if it is a second-hand car, and the price will be greatly discounted, so the price-performance ratio of the second-hand car is actually very high, so many friends who have just learned the car will consider a second-hand car to travel.

However, flooded vehicles are usually bought accidentally. The failure rate of flooded vehicles is very high, and the maintenance cost in the later stage is very large. Therefore, before buying a car, we must learn how to identify flooded vehicles and prevent them from being pitted.

First of all, we pull the seat belt to the end to see if the root of the seat belt is moldy, or there is sediment.

Then look at the spring under the seat cushion for rust and see if there is any sand in the seat rails.

Finally, look at the steering inside the brake pedal for rusting. If you look at the used car and the above three conditions, it is probably a flooded car. Don't buy it.

So in fact, these few small methods still require you to carefully check, don’t be afraid of trouble, and don’t be embarrassed! For your safe driving in the future, safe driving, it is best to be careful!

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