Friday, June 26, 2020

How to identify 5 types of tea? Observe the shape, you can learn in 4 steps

There are six types of tea, so how to choose good quality tea has become a question worth considering. The identification of tea depends on the appearance, smell, color and taste of soup, then the common green tea, black tea, white tea, black tea and oolong tea identification methods are introduced next.

The first is green tea, which has different appearance and color. For example, Longjing tea is best to be flat and straight, the tip is not curved, the body is delicate, and the color is green; Japanese jade dew is slender and not curved, and the color is also green; the curved part of eyebrow tea is preferably one third , The tip is blunt, the rope is even, the brown is grayish green. The fragrance and taste should be fragrant rather than acid and mildew smell. The taste is mellow and slightly bitter, but the color of the Gan Gantang water is generally clear and bright, and the color is thick without impurities and free matter.

Black tea can be selected by hand, eye and nose. First feel with your hands. Good quality black tea sticks are tight and heavy. The dry tea feels prickly to the touch. It is generally easy to break, and it will become a powder when rubbed hard. Next, observe whether the appearance is uniform, the color is consistent, there is little or no broken tea, the soup after brewing is clear and bright to red, the taste is sweet, and there is no mixed smell. The mouth tastes mellow, fresh and refreshing, not too bitter and odorless.

The aroma of white tea is rich, fresh and pure, indicating that the aroma is rich and will have a clear fragrance when brewed. If it is not a good white tea, the taste will be annoying and even dull, such as musty or sour, smoke Wait for abnormal taste. The color of the soup is bright orange yellow or light apricot yellow, it will not be red and dark, the bottom of the leaf is even and tender, and there are many buds, the leaves are not broken without hard stems, the color is bright, the taste is delicious and sweet, the rough is thin difference.

The color of black tea is black and shiny, the soup color is bright orange, the aroma is positive, and the long-lasting Chen tea has a special floral fragrance. Black tea has a fermented aroma such as liqueur or pine smoke. Chen tea also has a Chen aroma. If it is pressed tightly, the surface will have clear lines and sharp edges and no cracks. The taste at the entrance is mellow and sweet, and Chen tea has a lubricating feeling.

The last oolong tea, holding the tea leaves in your palm, inhaled three times in a row, the fragrance continues and does not weaken at all. The very natural smell is good tea. The shape of the tea is best to be even, the broken is the bad tea, the shape is fat and heavy, and the color sand green is the top grade. If the tea is mixed with debris, the clarity of the tea is not very good.

Introduced the five methods for identifying tea types. Basically, it depends on the appearance, smell and taste. Good tea is basically free of impurities and has a strong and fresh fragrance. It tastes slightly bitter and sweet.

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