Monday, June 29, 2020

How to ensure the clarity of headlights

The headlights of cars are made of polycarbonate plastic, which makes the headlights more durable, but it can also lead to a potential danger-accumulation oxidation. When the sun shines on the headlights, the holes of the polycarbonate plastic on the surface of the headlights expand, which accelerates the oxidation and yellowing in the headlights, and also causes dirt and debris to adhere to the outer surface of the headlights. The following will teach you how to prevent the headlights from turning yellow and ensure the clarity of the headlights.

1. Wipe off the dirt, debris, debris, etc. on the surface of the headlamp with a soft cloth.

2. Wash the headlights with soap and water every three months, this is to prevent the accumulation of dirt, etc., to avoid yellowing of the headlights.

3. Polish the headlights after cleaning, wipe the headlights with a chemically-synthetic polishing agent, and wax the headlights according to the procedures.

4. When the car is not in use, park it in the garage or shade. It will help reduce the oxidation of polycarbonate caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the headlights.

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