Friday, June 26, 2020

How to distinguish spoiled tea

Everyone knows that spoiled tea is not drinkable. How do you tell if a tea has deteriorated? Can be seen from the following points:

1. Obvious discoloration

After the tea leaves for a long time, the color will generally become darker. For example, after the white tea is stored for about five years, the color will change from apricot yellow to dark yellow to reddish brown, but the tea soup has always been transparent and bright. However, it should be noted that if the tea soup is not only deepened, but also very turbid, the concentration, astringency and freshness of the taste are also greatly reduced, and such tea is likely to deteriorate.

2. Odor appears

A friend bought tea stalks to absorb formaldehyde, indicating that the tea has a strong adsorption. If it is placed with something that smells bad, or if it is not sealed before being put in the refrigerator, it is easy to smell. If you smell a camphor pill or oily smell, the tea is better not to drink.

3. Soften and mildew

The optimal moisture content of tea is about 5%. If the moisture content exceeds 10%, the tea will be easily affected by moisture and mold. Normal tea leaves feel crisp and easy to break. If the tea leaves are soft and squeezed, feel moist, or smell musty, then the tea is definitely spoiled and can no longer be consumed.

Of course, there are several kinds of teas that are suitable for long-term storage, even more fragrant. Such as black tea, Pu'er, white tea, oolong, etc.

The premise of the more mature and more fragrant old tea is to have good quality tea green, good storage conditions, ventilation and breathability, not damp, storage conditions are critical. Good old tea must be pure and smell-free, and there will be no signs of moisture regain or mildew. Otherwise, you can't drink it even if it is expensive.

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