Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to deal with the sudden increase of automobile fuel consumption

Many car owners find that the fuel consumption of cars has increased inexplicably. Obviously, they do not drive long distances and always exceed their budgets. In fact, there are many reasons for the sharp increase in fuel consumption. The editor here provides several methods for daily detection of cars. The majority of netizens can solve the problem of fuel consumption by comparing different situations on their own.

1. The taxi distance of the car is obviously reduced

Owners occasionally find that the taxiing distance of a moving car is significantly reduced, but they do not know where to start. At this time, you can check whether the air pressure of the tire meets the air pressure standard. If the tire is insufficiently inflated, fuel consumption will also increase, as long as the tire is adequately inflated at the right time.

2. Check the degree of tire wear

The degree of tire wear will also affect the car's fuel consumption. If the wear is severe, it will often slip, increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, new tires can be replaced if necessary.

3. It is found that the wheel has abnormal noise

Problems with the wheels will also affect fuel consumption. The owners should check whether the bearings and brake systems are faulty.

4. Clutch slip

When you find that the engine tachometer increases quickly while accelerating, but the speed of the vehicle increases slowly, it can be determined that the clutch is slipping. The owner needs to replace the clutch plate, clutch pressure plate and driving wheel in time.

5. Insufficient cylinder pressure

Some car owners found that when the vehicle traveled for twenty or thirty kilometers, the cylinder would have insufficient pressure, resulting in a significant increase in fuel consumption. If this kind of failure really occurs, then the engine needs to be overhauled

6. When the exhaust pipe emits black smoke and fuel consumption increases, the carburetor needs to be checked. If the carburetor is too dirty, you can spray a spray directly to the carburetor air inlet. If black smoke is still emitted at this time, you can only disassemble the carburetor and clean it.

7. The spark plug is too long

If the spark plug is used for too long, fuel consumption will also increase. Because the spark plug is damaged, the ignition energy will be reduced, and the speed of the car will be slowed down, resulting in a significant increase in gasoline consumption. This should replace the spark plug.

8. Improvement of temperature control and problems with thermostat

When the car's temperature control switch and thermostat are damaged, fuel consumption will increase. Because the temperature control switch and the thermostat are damaged, the water temperature will be reduced, and the carburetor will not work properly, resulting in poor gasoline atomization and a significant increase in fuel consumption. Replace the defective part.

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