Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to cut preserved eggs, can preserved eggs be eaten raw

How to cut preserved eggs

1. Cut with water with a knife. This method is our most commonly used method. The knife dipped in water is good for cutting preserved eggs, but the only drawback is that if too much water is added, the water may be brought to the preserved eggs, which will affect the taste of the preserved eggs.

2. Cut with a knife dipped in seasoned water. This method is often used by some restaurants. Because the restaurant makes preserved eggs, most of them are cold-skinned eggs. Dip the knife in seasoned water, usually with vinegar.

3. Cut with fishing line. Many people say that there is no fishing line at home. In fact, it is possible to find other lines, but it is best not to have fluff. Otherwise, the fluff will easily get on the preserved eggs. Therefore, although the use of the line can achieve the effect of cutting the preserved eggs, but this This method is not very recommended.

Can preserved eggs be eaten raw

1. Preserved eggs can be eaten raw. In fact, the main method of eating preserved eggs is cold salad. Cold preserved eggs are raw preserved eggs. If you eat raw eggs, you can cut them into pieces, and then mix them with soy sauce or vinegar. It depends on your preference.

2. Because the preserved eggs are made of alkaline substances such as lime, raw preserved eggs are likely to smell a unique taste of preserved eggs. If you don’t like them, you can dip them in vinegar to neutralize the taste. .

Preserved eggs are best not eaten raw, because it is prone to bacteria residues after fermentation, so it is best to cook and eat, if you want to maintain the shape of preserved eggs, it is best to freeze and cut horizontally with a knife, so that the yolk is not easy to rotten Mud

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