Friday, June 26, 2020

How to brew Taiping Monkey King is correct

China is the birthplace of tea ceremony. Chinese people are very particular about drinking tea, not only have good tea, but also have the correct tea drinking method. The life of tea has two times, the first life is in the hands of tea farmers The second life of tea blooms in the hands of our tea tasters. So how is it right to brew Taiping Monkey King?

brewing method

Taiping Monkey Kui's brewing method 1: bowls and brewing utensils: white porcelain bowls, fair cups, tea cups, 3 grams of tea, pure water. The first bubble: the water temperature is 85 degrees, fill the water along the side of the bowl without cover, soak time 60 seconds. The soup made of Taiping Monkey Kui Tea Soup has a yellow-green color, a sweet and smooth taste, and a long orchid fragrance. The second bubble: the water temperature is 85 degrees, fill the water along the side of the bowl without cover, soak time is 2 minutes, the taste is thick and smooth, the fragrance of orchid lasts for a long time. The third bubble: water temperature is 90 degrees, fill the water along the side of the bowl without cover. The soaking time is 3 minutes. The taste is basically the same as above, and the orchid fragrance is long.

Taiping Monkey Kui's brewing method 2: glass brewing utensils: glass, tea input: 2.5 grams, purified water, water temperature 85 degrees. Method: Using the drop method, first infuse 1/4 of the water to infiltrate Taiping Monkey King, and fill it up after half a minute. Soak time 5 minutes. The soup made by Taiping Monkey Kui is yellow-green and bright, and the taste is thick and smooth. The fragrance of Taiping Monkey Kui is long and lasting.

Brewing steps

1. Boil water

To brew Taiping Monkey Quebec, we must first prepare the water needed to boil the water. For the choice of water, the saying goes, "Eight minutes of tea is very water." It is best to choose a better local spring water source if possible. If you are unconditional, you can buy natural water products such as Nongfu Spring and sloping water. Never use tap water. Just boil the water until there are tiny blisters constantly rising, never boil.

2. Warm Cup

Friends who like the tea ceremony know that green tea needs to be refrigerated at 4-6 degrees. The same is true for Taiping Monkey Kui. Because of the low temperature, the tea also temporarily hides its aroma. Before pouring the tea, boil the cup with boiling water and pour it. Tea can only be poured after the warm cup of water is out.

3. Cast tea

Each cup of tea is about 3 to 5 grams (about 15-20 pieces). The single-layer glass cup with a wide mouth and a thin waist is the best. The double layer must not be used (poor heat dissipation will cause the taste of cooked soup) Cup, tea leaves are neatly arranged, and the tea is thrown down with the roots.

4. Make tea

First add 1/3 of the volume of boiling water in the cup, pick up the cup and shake it to allow the tea leaves to fully absorb the water. After about 30 seconds, refill the water. After 3 to 4 minutes, a cup of the mellow Taiping Monkey Kui will be ready .

5. Tea appreciation

The tea ups and downs in the cup and slowly stretches. After the tea leaves are formed, they suddenly cross the river crucian carp straight into the bottom of the cup. Quietly breathing and breathing, a scent of fragrance rushed out and lingered.

6. Drink

The first is to uncover the smell, watch the soup color, turn the river and the sea, and sip slowly. The bowl along the lamb can be smelled directly, and the covered tea bowl must first lift the tea cover and take a deep breath to let the Taiping monkey Kui Cha's fragrance of Yulan Tea is thorough and heart-felt, you will feel relaxed and happy; then you can watch the apricot green clear soup color of Taiping Monkey Kui Tea; when you take a small sip and taste it carefully, you will appreciate Taiping Monkey Kui The mellow and refreshing taste of tea really feels like "the dust is clean for a while, the breeze is axillary".

The Taiping Monkey Kui is brewed into a cup, the bud leaves are slowly unfolded, and the leaves are spread into flowers, and the two leaves hold one bud, either hanging or sinking; Long-term drinking also has antibacterial, bacteriostatic, weight loss, anti-caries, anti-radiation, anti-aging effects.

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