Monday, June 22, 2020

How to avoid strain on the waist muscles, do so!

Low back pain is more common among women, especially rural women. They not only have to do housework, take care of the elderly and children, but also do heavy farming work. Bending over a long time can easily cause waist muscles and ligaments to strain easily. No matter what, plus rural families are generally not wealthy, and lumbar treatment is more difficult, so many rural women rely on the word-"endure" after pain in the back-to do housework, to endure the pain of doing farm work, it is a real crime.

In fact, the waist is one of the areas with a relatively large amount of daily activities. Incorrect posture, long-term maintenance of a posture, or long-term bending and weight-bearing can all cause weakening of the tendons and ligaments of the waist, and locally accumulate too much lactic acid to inhibit normal muscle metabolism , Causing waist muscle strain, waist soreness and numbness are the fatigue signals that the waist muscles send to us. If you don’t pay attention to these signals and continue to do your own thing, the waist muscles will be painful and slowly develop into a strained disease of the waist muscles and ligaments. The typical symptom is intermittent or persistent lumbar muscle pain, the pain increases when you are tired, and the symptoms ease after rest.

Rather than wait until the back pain is over, we might as well learn how to prevent the painful "little goblin" of back pain.

First, avoid keeping a posture or bending over for a long time. Many rural women inevitably have to bend down when doing farm work and housework, but they need to stand up after a few minutes of bending-three circles on the left and three circles on the right, twisting the neck and twisting the waist to completely relax the waist muscles and ligaments.

Secondly, before going to bed at night, you can do a massage or hot compress on the waist to promote blood circulation, provide sufficient nutrition for the surrounding tissues, enhance metabolism, and relieve fatigue. Specific method: After sitting well, put both fingers together at the back of the lumbar spine, palm inward, thumb outward, and slowly rub up and down until fever. The hot compress is relatively simple. Lie on the bed and put the hot towel on your waist. Be careful not to catch the wind.

Finally, exercise the lower back muscles to enhance resistance. "It takes self-hardness to strike iron." Specific method: lie down, use the head, elbows, and feet as the supporting points, lift the waist, back, and hips upward, try to lift it to the highest level that you can reach, stay for a few seconds, slowly lower it, and repeat a few times Times. Pay attention to doing warm-up exercises before doing this exercise to prevent muscle strains and sprained joints during exercise. In addition, you must be cautious about already suffering from waist diseases to avoid making the waist diseases worse. Low back muscle exercise must be persevered, long-term perseverance will be effective.

Doing the above three points well, the back-wearing "little goblin" will naturally stay away from you. If you already have intermittent or persistent low back pain symptoms, it is best to go to the hospital to check, so as to take timely treatment measures, so as not to procrastinate and miss the opportunity for treatment.

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