Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How old is it to drink milk powder? Expert explanation will save you money

How old is it for a baby to drink milk? This topic should be concerned by many treasure moms. After all, drinking milk is still very important for the baby's physical development, which is related to the baby's health and whether the development of the little guys meets the standards in all aspects.

However, many mothers have such doubts, the baby is already two or three years old, is it necessary to continue to drink milk powder? Especially after the baby grows up, some babies will drink milk powder because they are nagging, and it will not taste good when they eat. The treasure mothers spend money not to say, it may not be good for the baby's health, after all, the baby grows up At a certain age, continue to use milk powder as the main food, or because you drink milk powder, you will not eat well, and the nutrition required for their physical development is not up to standard.

How old is it for a baby to drink milk powder? Let us listen to the explanations of experts, which will make you spend less money and be more beneficial to your baby's health.

Babies who cut off their breast milk before the age of 1 due to various reasons must drink formula milk at the corresponding stage

Some mothers have to breastfeed their babies in advance after breastfeeding their babies for a period of time, or because of other reasons, they can no longer continue to let their babies eat breast milk. In short, as long as the baby is under one year old, the baby is cut off. The explanation of the experts is that the baby will not be allowed to eat breast milk at this time, but the formula milk powder of the corresponding stage must be selected according to the age of the baby. Don't think about saving money at this time, the health of the baby is more important.

Experts also pointed out that Bao Ma should also pay attention to the selection of formula milk powder to choose a brand suitable for her baby's physique. After finding a formula suitable for your baby, if there is no big problem, it is best not to change the brand of milk powder at will. Then according to the age of the baby, there is a reference for the daily milk intake in different stages.

If you drink less milk powder, your baby's health and development may be affected. However, drinking too much milk powder affects the baby's eating other staple foods and is also detrimental to the baby's growth. Therefore, we must grasp the amount of milk that the baby drinks every day, which can save less money and is more beneficial to the health of the baby.

Experts also pointed out that it is better for families with conditions to breastfeed until their children are two years old. Then consider the issue of weaning, and after weaning, we should continue to give the baby milk or other dairy products.

Under normal circumstances, children can drink up to about 3 years old

Before the baby is under 24 months of age, the expert's recommendation is to ensure that the baby takes enough formula milk every day. When the baby is 24 months old, whether to continue to let the baby drink formula milk, this time depends on the situation. If the baby starts to be very resistant to formula milk and does not want to drink it again, in this case, parents can choose to stop the baby from drinking formula milk.

If your baby is still attached to formula milk after 24 months of age, in this case, you can continue to let the baby drink to 3 years old, which is 36 months old. The specific weaning time depends on the child's attitude towards the formula. But at this time, it should be noted that controlling the amount of milk that the baby drinks every day can not let them not eat other foods because of drinking milk powder. If so, it can be said that the money is really spent, which is also detrimental to the health of the baby. However, after breaking the formula, the baby should also consume a certain amount of milk or milk products every day.

For Bao Ma, it must be realized that it is more beneficial for the baby to let the baby drink milk powder as the main food all the time. It is necessary to grasp the degree, otherwise the money will be spent, which is not good for the baby's health. Expert explanations can save the treasure mothers a lot of money, the key is better for the baby.

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