Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How old is the baby to talk? Is it related to brain development?

For different children, the time to speak is different. When to start speaking, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation.

1. The normal time for children to speak

As mentioned above, different children will speak differently in the morning and evening, but generally speaking, the baby will speak to father or mother after eight months, and may even speak some simple vocabulary, and some children may You can have a babble of babble. However, although an eight-month-old baby can call out his father and mother, there is no specific direction of the father and mother in the baby's mind, and the child has no specific concept, but a subconscious instinct. Generally, when the baby is about one year old, the baby can clearly identify the parents and call out the father and mother.

Second, speaking time shows the speed of the baby's brain development

Many Bao Da Bao Bao Moms are very happy to see their babies talking early. However, in real life, there are still many children who speak late, at this time, parents will worry about whether their children have IQ. The problem? Is it underdeveloped? In fact, if it is not a pathological reason, the child's late speech does not mean that there is a problem with IQ, but the child's brain develops late. In addition, children's speaking sooner or later is related to the family's genetics and parents' educational words and deeds.

3. Don’t rush to speak late, try to communicate more with the child

Many parents see that their children speak late, they are worried about their children's slow language expression and communication skills in the future, this worry is not necessary. However, if the parents really want their children to speak as soon as possible, they can do some small exercises in their daily lives to develop their children's early communication skills. This requires parents to communicate and communicate more with their children, pay more attention to nurturing and interacting with others, speak clearly and slowly to children, tell children more short stories, and develop children's understanding and expression skills.

The child's speaking time may be sooner or later, while eliminating the pathological cause, the mother should not be too anxious, because some late things will make people more cherish.

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