Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How old does the baby need to stop diapering? Be over this age but it will be late

When the baby was born, the physiological function was not fully developed, and the urination and urination could not be controlled consciously. Many mothers would choose diaper, so that the baby would not wet the bed, and it was easy to change. However, as the baby grows up, the sphincter of the urinary system gradually develops completely. When the baby reaches the age of 2 years, she can basically control her bowel movements consciously. At this time, the mother can consciously cultivate the child's ability to urinate and urinate. During the daytime, the child should not wear diapers and tell the baby to tell the mother if they want to urinate, so that after a period of training, the baby will automatically urinate. At night, children should wear diapers, so that children do not have to wake up at night, so as not to affect sleep.

More than 2 years old is still using diapers, which affects the control of the baby's brain to the body, which is extremely harmful to the baby. Mothers should pay attention to stop diapering for the baby before the age of two, otherwise it will be too late. So what is the effect of wearing diapers after your baby is over 2 years old?

1. The child will have the habit of bedwetting when he grows up

Baby wears diaper all the time, it will form a sense of dependence, unconsciously when you want to urinate, often embarrassing things like bedwetting, so the baby should gradually reduce the use of diaper when it is 1 and a half years old, parents during the day It is necessary to consciously cultivate her habit of urinating and defecating autonomously, otherwise she will rely on diapering when the child goes to kindergarten, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the child, and will cause the children to laugh at and leave a psychological shadow for the child.

2. Long-term use of diapers will affect the healthy growth of children

The diapers currently on the market are of uneven quality, and many brands use poor materials. In order to prevent urine leakage, diapers are generally not breathable. Long-term use will cause eczema in the baby's small buttocks. In severe cases, there will be ulceration. Especially for female babies, the bacteria in the diaper may enter the vagina and cause inflammation. Therefore, mom and dad can't save themselves and let the baby wear diapers all the time.

After reading these contents, I believe you will definitely gain something! The invention of diapering has indeed brought great convenience to everyone to a certain extent, but if it is overused, it will cause harm to the baby's body, so as the baby grows up, he should gradually give up the use of diapering, if the child is too Small, but also to choose products with guaranteed quality.

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