Monday, June 22, 2020

How much does inhalation know?

I don’t know when to start. PM2.5 has become synonymous with air pollution. It is an ambush of the director. We are unable to vomit, but the various respiratory diseases that accompany it cannot be ignored. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma are the most common respiratory diseases, which make life worse. But fortunately: the treatment of these diseases is getting more and more attention. The treatment methods are mainly hormone-based anti-inflammatory treatments, including Intravenous hormones, oral hormones and glucocorticoids, among which inhaled glucocorticoids, won the "Popular Award" in one fell swoop.

First, let's understand what is nebulized inhalation therapy? Aerosol inhalation therapy mainly refers to aerosol inhalation therapy, which uses an atomizing device to disperse the drug solution into fine mist droplets or particles suspended in the gas and spray it as an aerosol, inhaling the respiratory tract and (or) lungs through the nose or mouth Department, so as to achieve the purpose of local treatment of the respiratory tract.

Nebulizers include: jet nebulizer, ultrasonic nebulizer and mesh nebulizer. Among them, the jet nebulizer hits the liquid medicine with compressed air to make the drug particles smaller, which can shorten the atomization time and make the patient's compliance better. It is the most commonly used atomizer.

Various practices have proved that the nebulizer is really convenient to use in the hospital or at home, without active cooperation, only tidal breathing is needed, suitable for patients with acute exacerbation of asthma and acute exacerbation of COPD. The authoritative guide also points out that the use of nebulizers in patients with acute exacerbations and more severe COPD is more advantageous. At the same time, compared with other devices (oxygenators, humidifiers), the nebulizer delivers a larger amount of medicine and can monitor breathing. With the dosage, the improvement of compliance is naturally a matter of course. Having said that, what is the key to the real popularity of nebulized inhalation? Very simple, after the medicine is inhaled by atomization, part of it will be inhaled into the trachea, which will directly affect the lungs. The local concentration is high, and the effect of the medicine is naturally better; In this way, potential adverse reactions that may be produced by systemic administration can also be avoided. In addition, the nebulizer has the advantage of having to worship, for example, the age requirement for the correct use of the nebulizer is as low as two years old, and the age of the correct use of other aerosol devices is at least four years old, It really makes the baby's heart beat.

Use the atomizer correctly, let everyone breathe in this "ten days and nine haze" days!

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