Thursday, June 25, 2020

How much do you understand the meaning of the seal on raw meat

When buying vegetables in the vegetable market, we often see raw meat with different blue stamps. These are the meat quarantine marks:

1. The "X" shaped seal is the destruction seal. The meat with this seal is forbidden to be sold or eaten.

2. The triangular chapter is a "high temperature chapter". Such meat must be processed at a high temperature within a specified time before it can be sold.

3. The rectangular chapter is the "edible oil chapter", indicating that this meat cannot be directly sold and eaten, and must be refined into oil before it can be sold.

4. The oval-shaped seal is a "craft oil" seal. This meat cannot be sold or eaten, but can only be refined into industrial oil.

5. Round seal, the meat covered with the round seal is "reassuring meat". "Reassure meat" is fat white when viewed from the outside, the meat is shiny, the skin color is reddish even, and the elasticity is good. restore.

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