Monday, June 22, 2020

How much do children know about sleep

The mother of Doudou, a child care clinic, asked anxiously that the child was very excited to go home from the nursery. He had to coax for an hour at night to fall asleep. They woke up at dawn. They worried that the child’s lack of sleep would affect their health. How to judge whether the baby’s sleep time Enough?

Based on total sleep time

With the increase of age, the baby's sleep time decreases, and Liangliang is a toddler. The total sleep time every day should be 12-13 hours. Of course, babies of the same age sleep for different lengths of time. Some can sleep more than 14 hours a day, while others can only sleep for about 10 hours. Normally, it is normal for a baby to sleep for about 12 hours a day. If your baby sleeps for less than 9 hours, you should consult a doctor or take your baby to the doctor.

Daytime sleep is also counted

The baby's total sleep time refers to the sum of all sleep time within 24 hours of a day. It cannot be counted as night and not daytime, so the daytime sleep time should be included. If possible, reduce your daytime sleep time as much as possible to increase your baby’s nighttime sleep time.

Observe mental state

Mother can't tell how long the baby sleeps, because the baby's sleep is not regular, the mother just feels that the baby sleeps less. Obviously, the mother did not seriously calculate the baby's sleep time. If your baby is in a good mental state and has no abnormal behavior, don’t worry. On the contrary, it means lack of sleep.

Different children have great individual differences in sleep time. Parents need to learn to judge based on the baby's characteristics and personality.

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