Thursday, June 25, 2020

How much air conditioner is best for winter

Now that the whole country has officially entered the winter, the best way to keep warm in the face of cold ice and snow is to turn on the air conditioner at home to enjoy the heating. However, although the air conditioner is good, we can’t ignore the shortcomings, then, how much the air conditioner is turned on in winter What's most suitable?

In fact, turning on air conditioning in winter is also a science. If this technique is well mastered, it will have a great effect on the warmth and coldness of the human body and health. On the contrary, it will make us suffer from "air conditioning disease". Outweigh the gains! Regarding the hot topic “how much air conditioner is turned on in winter”, experts suggest that it is 20-24 degrees, but many netizens have shown through life experience that the temperature in the range of 23-25 ​​is the most suitable for the human body.

Admittedly, winter is the coldest season, but the ancients believed that natural health is the most suitable for health, but the current conditions are enough for us to improve the cold conditions, so it is understandable to sometimes turn on a little air conditioning indoors! However, turning on the air conditioner in winter is not as long as it is in summer, and the time should not be too long, and it is best to turn it on in the afternoon or evening. As long as the indoor air is not so cold, you can turn off the air conditioner.

Some people like to sleep at night and turn on the air conditioner, and the temperature is turned to 28-30 degrees, so in fact the human body is very irritating, because the winter climate is already very dry, if you add an air conditioner blowing more than 28 degrees, the human body Moisture is very easy to lose. I haven't been able to drink some water during a night's sleep. When I wake up in the morning, my throat may show signs of fire.

In addition, if the temperature is too high and the air conditioning time is too long, there will be symptoms of discomfort when going out, and if it is cold or hot, it is particularly prone to catch colds. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the temperature at 23-25 ​​degrees The time is 3-5 hours.

Compared with the office, the air conditioner has always been the love of many white-collar workers. Everyone will find that the temperature of the air conditioner of the general office is around 30 degrees. If the space is relatively large and the number of people is small, this temperature is more suitable. , And if the space is small and the number of people is large, then it will be about 25 degrees!

However, whether you live at home or go to work, you must remember to ventilate indoors to avoid the growth of bacteria.

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