Friday, June 26, 2020

How many degrees of water temperature are used to brew the six major teas?

Brewing different types of tea requires different water temperatures (reference):

Green tea: (80-85 degrees), Longjing, Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Xinyang Maojian, etc.

White tea: (85-95 degrees), white peony, Gongmei Shoumei, Baihao silver needle, etc.

Yellow tea: (85-90 degrees), Junshan silver needle, Mengding yellow bud, Beigang Maojian, etc.

Green tea: (90-100 degrees), Wuyi Rock Tea, Tieguanyin, Phoenix Shancong, Taiwan Oolong Tea, etc.

Black tea: (85-90 degrees), Zhengshan race, Qimen black tea, Yunnan red, etc.

Black tea: (90-100 degrees), Pu'er tea, Anhua black tea, Liubao tea, etc.

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