Monday, June 29, 2020

How many cesarean sections can a woman bear?

So how many caesarean sections can a woman bear in a lifetime? Let's find the answer together.

The earliest cesarean section was a surgical method that was only used when the mother gave birth to a child and encountered an emergency or emergency situation. With the successful application of this operation, some women have taken the initiative to choose cesarean section in order to avoid the pain caused by normal delivery.

Cesarean section is actually a surgical operation. In Chinese medicine, when your stomach is cut open, your vitality will come out, the vitality will be damaged, and your resistance and various functions will decline. . According to news reports, there is a woman in a foreign country who has undergone 11 cesarean sections in her life. There is no basis in medicine, and no research has been done to prove that a woman can withstand several cesarean sections in her life, but the obstetrician and gynecologist recommends that women should not have more than 3 cesarean sections in their lifetime.

How long can a cesarean section with a second child take?

With the opening of the second child policy, more and more treasure mothers choose to join the second child army, but the first child is a cesarean section, how long does it take to have a second child? According to the doctor's answer is 2 years or more.

Because the wound on the wall of the uterus by cesarean section is generally healed in half a year, but cesarean section divides the skin and tissue layer by layer, plus the uterus, 7 layers. The skin also needs to grow layer by layer, and the body of the pregnant mother also needs to be restored bit by bit. If you don’t wait for the pregnant mother to recover, premature pregnancy will increase the burden of the uterus, and the second cesarean section is to re-operate on the original wound. Re-cesarean section will not only increase the difficulty of the operation, but also increase maternal Risk factor.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers must plan a time when they want a second child, to be responsible for their own bodies and for their children. Ordinary people should not try the risky practices of celebrities and give birth to children. They should choose production according to the most safe method.

One child is a cesarean section, and the second child wants to give birth, is it okay?

According to the doctor's statement, it is possible, but it also needs to undergo a detailed inspection. If the conditions for cesarean delivery are met, cesarean delivery is possible; if it does not, cesarean section is safer.

Condition 1: the length of time between two births, the general hospital recommends that the interval between two years or more is best before you can get pregnant again; if the time interval is too short, there is no two years, the birth contractions and fetal movements are more frequent and will increase The risk of a smooth birth can easily break the uterus.

Condition 2: According to the recovery of scars and the thickness of the uterine wall, because a baby is a cesarean section, the operation will cause scratches on the uterus, the uterine wall will become thin, and the scars on the belly also need to heal. The recovery of uterine scars determines whether it is suitable for natural delivery.

Condition 3: It is the pelvic condition of the pregnant woman, the development of the fetus, whether the fetal position is the head position, and the weight and height of the pregnant woman. These all meet the requirements of the hospital before they can agree to the birth.

According to the experience of the cesarean section mothers around me, if the first child is a cesarean section, the doctor will recommend that the second child also choose a cesarean section because the complete coefficient will be high.

Childbirth is a hard thing. I hope that every pregnant mother can cherish her body and choose the time and method of giving birth rationally.

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