Friday, June 26, 2020

How long is the shelf life of tea? Don’t drink expired tea anymore

1. Green tea

Drinking green tea is mainly due to the word "fresh", so the new tea can be drunk after being placed for half a month or a month. Green tea is not fermented and has higher storage requirements. It will turn yellow if improperly preserved. After yellowing, the aroma and taste will be greatly reduced.

Green tea has the shortest shelf life and requires higher storage requirements because it has not undergone fermentation. Generally speaking, the shelf life at room temperature is about 1 year. If it is not stored properly, it may begin to appear yellow in 8 or 9 months, and it may change its taste. Of course, if you are a local tyrant and have a refrigerator that specializes in storing green tea, the shelf life can be extended to about 18 months.

2. Yellow tea

Yellow tea has one more yellowing process than green tea in the production process. It is the most low-key and non-existent tea. It is rare to sell yellow tea on the market today. The tasting time of yellow tea and green tea is about the same, and the quality characteristics of it can only be reflected when it is drunk.

Its shelf life has not made much progress because of yellowness. About 1 year, it is almost the same.

3. White tea

White tea is a lightly fermented tea. The production process is simple, maintaining the original taste of the tea. It is known as "one year tea, three years medicine and seven years treasure". Drinking white tea at that time is cold and has no obvious medicinal properties. Therefore, it is best to drink it in a certain year. The nature turns warm, the taste is mellow, and the medicinal properties are more obvious.

The longer the year of storage, the higher the value and the taste, the higher the taste and taste. Of course, this means that when stored properly, the best tea will become dregs if not properly preserved.

4. Green tea

Green tea, or oolong tea, belongs to semi-fermented tea. Drinking oolong tea focuses on aroma, so it tastes better. Oolong tea production process requires roasting process, so the new tea should be placed for at least 2 months, and then drink when the fire is out, so the taste is better, and you don’t have to worry about getting angry after drinking.

However, the fragrance-type Tieguanyin and Taiwan's Wenshan buns, which have not been baked or have a slight degree of shelf life, are not as long as expected. Generally speaking, if they are stored in the refrigerator, it will be about 18 months. The baked ones, like Wuyi Yancha, can still be drunk even after 2 years.

5. Black tea

Black tea is a fully fermented tea and should be best consumed in the second year. The aroma of black tea was better, but the taste was not so smooth. If you drink it after one year of storage, the aroma will be more elegant and the tea soup will be softer and smoother.

Black tea is a fully fermented tea with a long shelf life and can be kept for more than 2 years. But generally speaking, even if it is preserved properly, there will be a smell change over 2 years, so try not to wait until after 2 years.

6. Black tea

Black tea is basically post-fermented tea, which has the characteristics of becoming more and more fragrant. It can be stored for a long time in a clean, moisture-proof, and odor-free environment. However, due to the post-fermentation, there is no unlimited potential like Shengpu and white tea. Generally speaking, loose tea has the best taste in 3 to 5 years. If you squeeze the tea, it will not be about 10 to 15 years. There is not so much room for appreciation in saving. If the quality of the tea material is good, the longer it is left, the better the tea will taste. Old tea, full of tea gas, boiled in winter to drive off the cold.

7. Pu'er tea

As the most popular Pu'er tea in recent years, the characteristics of Yuechen Yuexiang have been "fried" by many collectors. With proper storage, cooked tea is generally more than 15 years old, and raw tea is more and more fragrant and more valuable.

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