Friday, June 26, 2020

How long does it take for tea to drink best? How many times can a pot of tea be brewed?

How long does it take for tea to drink best? How many times can a pot of tea be brewed? Drinking tea has many benefits for the human body. Tea is also the best health drink in life. But I think everyone basically did not follow the scientific brewing method and drinking method! I just brew a pot and drink it according to my own habits. In fact, I think I should pay attention to the correct method of brewing tea. Pay attention to the time of brewing tea. Only the correct brew of tea can help the human body. Only in this way can the nutritional value of tea be brought into full play. Everyone must also remember that tea leaves should not be drunk when they are cold. After all, tea leaves belong to medicines at the earliest. Our traditional Chinese medicines must be warmed to achieve the effect of medicines, so tea is also best to drink when warm. Drinking tea is very beneficial to our health. So how long do we have to soak the tea and drink it best? Is it best for us to brew tea a few times? Let's take a quick look.

The reason why drinking tea has many benefits to the body is mainly because tea is rich in many substances that are beneficial to our body, such as tea polyphenols, tea pigments, tea polysaccharides, etc. in tea. Ingredients. It has been medically proven that cardiovascular diseases, aging, tumors and other diseases are all related to the excessive free radical production in our body. The tea polyphenols in tea have powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects, so drinking tea has a very good effect Good anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, cardiovascular disease prevention, etc. In addition, tea polyphenols have a certain repair effect on cellular DNA damage.

How long is the tea soaked? It is better to drink: Generally speaking, the time for brewing tea is too short, the water-soluble effective substances such as vitamin C, caffeine and amino acids in the tea cannot be dissolved by the water, so the tea fails to exert its proper effect . However, if the tea is brewed for too long, too much caffeine will be generated in the steeping, which will be irritating to the human body, and the tea will also have a bitter taste, which is harmful to the human body. I personally suggest that the best time to soak the tea we drink is controlled within a minute.

The number of tea brewing depends on the type of tea: for example, green tea, according to the measurement, the soluble matter is leached by 50%-55% when the tea is first brewed; about 20% can be leached for the second time; the third time About 10% of the leaching; the fourth bubble left little. Therefore, green tea is usually brewed three times. For example, black tea can be brewed for more than 5 bubbles, usually 6,7 bubbles; in addition, black tea, Pu'er tea, etc. are even higher, like Pu'er ancient tree tea for more than 10 bubbles is no problem.

The above is how long the tea should be soaked and the best times to brew it. Drinking tea correctly has many benefits for the human body. It can speed up the metabolism of the human body and can expel free radicals from the body, so that I can have a healthy body, but Everyone should pay attention to the correct method to make full use of tea's nutritional value, and can play a variety of health care functions, so the time of brewing tea should not be too long, the number of brewing depends on the type of tea.

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