Friday, June 26, 2020

How long can I drink tea after taking medicine

Everyone knows that taking tea to take medicine will reduce the drug's properties. Therefore, many people don't take tea to take medicine, but do you know how long you can drink tea after taking the medicine? If drinking tea immediately after taking the medicine reduces the effectiveness of the medicine, it is a waste. Let’s take a look at how long we can drink tea after taking medicine:

It is generally not possible to drink tea when taking medicine, because the tea contains tannic acid, which can chemically interact with the ingredients of many medicines and cannot be absorbed by the body, resulting in the medicine not being able to fully exert the effect of the medicine, and may even cause stomach upset, Side effects such as diarrhea.

Tea tannic acid, also known as tea polyphenols, is a health ingredient in tea. As long as it is a genuine tea from the Camellia family, it contains tannic acid. It's just that the process of making fresh tea leaves into a finished tea is different, which leads to different differences in the oxidation and conversion of tea polyphenols, so the content of tannic acid in different teas is different. Therefore, it is better to choose plain boiled water when taking medicine.

Can not be generalized, mainly depends on the medicinal properties. Tea contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc. If you don’t know the interaction between the medicine and the tea, it is recommended to drink tea after 2 hours. Some medicines in medicine can be taken with tea. This works better. Do not drink tea within 3 hours after eating Chinese and herbal medicines. Western medicine is generally not affected by theophylline, and it will be fine after 30 minutes.

Experts point out that you should not take tea with tea during taking medicine, and you should not drink tea immediately after taking medicine. It is best to avoid the medicine and tea drinking time, such as taking medicine in the morning and drinking tea two or three hours away; or before or after lunch Take medicine and drink tea after two or three hours; take medicine before going to bed at night.

Drugs are generally received and effective after gastrointestinal reception, and tea contains tannic acid, which has the effect of helping digestion and clearing the stomach. Drinking tea immediately after taking the medicine will make the medicine easy to digest, reduce the time for the stomach to receive the medicine, and to a certain extent, reduce the efficacy of the medicine.

Drinking tea is particularly important. Many people do not understand how long they can drink tea after taking the medicine. They feel that they can drink the tea after taking the medicine, which reduces the efficacy of the medicine. It is also considered to be the fault of the medicine. It really blames "good people".

1. The general dissolution rate of capsules and tablets is slow, and the residence time in the stomach is long. Do not drink tea within 2 hours before and after taking the medicine.

2. If it contains chemical tablets, liquid medicine and granules, the rate of dissolution and absorption is very fast. Be careful not to drink tea within 1 hour before and after taking the medicine.

3. If it is a long-term sustained-release capsule or an islet instrument similar to that carried by diabetics, please ask the doctor to drink tea.

Do not drink tea immediately after taking medicine. Because the oxalic acid in tea leaves will chemically react with drugs to produce other substances. Make the drug obviously ineffective. Do not drink tea before and after taking medicine.

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