Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How does pregnant mother's anger affect the fetus? These results may be unexpected

Many pregnant mothers report that when their emotions appear, the baby in the womb seems to respond. Indeed, the heart of the pregnant mother and the heart of the fetus are closely related. Not only that, when the pregnant mother has emotions, it will also affect the baby.

1. The most serious third trimester effect

In the third trimester, due to the gradual enlargement of the fetus, the pregnant mother will have back pain and various physical weakness. If the pregnant mother's mood is unstable at this time, it is easy to change her own adrenaline, which will affect The liver of the fetus grows and develops, and if the pregnant mother is too nervous, it is also easy to cause dystocia during the delivery process. In order to regulate this situation, in the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can go out and exercise properly, for example: meet a friend to go shopping, and then prepare some supplies for delivery, you can also prepare some warm and comfortable clothes for the baby in advance, this will not only make Pregnant mothers feel comfortable, but also reduce the impact on the fetus.

2. The impact of the second trimester

During the second trimester, the embryo matures and the fetus gradually stabilizes, but the pregnant mother cannot relax. This is the time when the fetal body’s various functions need to be stable. If the pregnant mother’s mood fluctuates greatly, it will cause hormone secretion disorders in the body. These It is very detrimental to the development and health of the fetus.

3. The impact of early pregnancy

During the first trimester, the fetus is in a state of being formed. The pregnant mother’s emotions and lifestyle will affect him. In addition to some bad habits and diet, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their emotions. At this time, in a state of anxiety and anxiety, it will increase the hemoglobin in the mother, resulting in an increase in the viscosity of the blood, which leads to the phenomenon of poor blood in the pregnant mother, which indirectly makes the fetus develop poorly.

4. Matters needing attention

During pregnancy, the emotions of the pregnant mother will become more sensitive and anxious. At this time, you must adjust yourself to go out properly. You can also do some softer yoga exercises for pregnant mothers. Don’t be alone at home. .

The health of the pregnant mother is closely related to the fetus in her belly, so you must not worry about some trivial matters. During the pregnancy of the pregnant mother, as a husband, you must also understand that the wife is not easy, and be more tolerant.

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