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How dirty is an infrequently cleaned air conditioner-so many bacteria are comparable to toilets

How dirty is the infrequently cleaned air conditioner

What is the most important appliance every summer? Foodies will say refrigerators, fat people will say fans and air conditioners. The editor believes that if we want to spend the hot summer comfortably, fans and air conditioners are really indispensable, and the air conditioner undoubtedly plays a more important role. The small partner who is accustomed to the air conditioning environment, once living for a long time without air conditioning Environment, that would simply "kill their lives". All in all, air conditioning is really very important in summer. Fatty people who love to sweat should agree with this view very much.

The cleaning of air conditioners is often a problem that we tend to overlook. The main reason may be: laziness, and we do not open the cover of the air conditioner, we often do not know how dirty the air conditioner will be. Some air conditioners are not cleaned for several years. The situation may have been terrifying. It is definitely unhealthy to continue using such an air conditioner. So when the hot summer comes, how can we simply clean the air conditioner in a simple way? What should you pay attention to when buying air conditioners?

Before cleaning

How to clean the air conditioner filter?

Regarding the experimental results, the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that when the air conditioners that were not cleaned were turned on, a large number of microorganisms were blown into the indoor air. After a healthy person inadvertently inhaled enough pathogenic microorganisms, He was knocked down by the stealth technique of microorganisms.

Therefore, it is recommended that the air conditioner must be cleaned simply before reopening for a long time. In particular, air-conditioning for patients with frail and ill-infected patients and patients with or infectious respiratory diseases should be strengthened.

The way to clean the air conditioner filter is to cut off the power first, wipe the outer surface of the air conditioner with a semi-dry cloth, then open the air conditioner panel, find the air conditioner filter, and gently remove it, wipe the interior of the air conditioner with a dry cloth and remove the air conditioner The filter screen is washed with tap water or if conditions permit, you can choose to soak it in disinfectant and then brush the air conditioner filter screen.

In addition to filters, air conditioning heat sinks are also terrible

In addition to air-conditioning filters, bacteria on air-conditioning fins should not be underestimated.

In 2011, the China Centers for Disease Control, Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Fudan University School of Public Health conducted on-site household air-conditioning surveys in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen and found that 88% of the total number of bacteria in air-conditioning fins in China exceeded the standard and the level of dirt was comparable to that of toilets. .

The survey pointed out that 84% of the total number of molds on air-conditioning fins exceeded the standard, and the maximum number of bacteria detected on air-conditioning fins was 91,259 per square centimeter, nearly 40 times higher than the standard.

The test results confirmed that the bacteria and mold in the dust deposits of air conditioners in most households exceeded the standard, and the number of the most serious households exceeded 50 times that of the central air conditioners in shopping malls. The pathogenic bacteria in air-conditioning mainly include mold, legionella, Staphylococcus aureus and many other pathogens. In addition, Legionella, Bacillus cereus, mold, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. are "snail dwelling" inside the air conditioner.

Air conditioner heat sink is disinfected once a month

The Indoor Environment and Health Branch of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences recommends that the air conditioner be cleaned and disinfected at least once a month. However, the cleaning of the heat sink is a problem. Non-professionals cannot disassemble it and can only rinse it in place. The heat sink is relatively soft and cannot be brushed. It may also cause a short circuit in the air conditioner.

If conditions permit, it is best to ask professional air-conditioning cleaning staff to clean and disinfect. You can also use professional air conditioner cleaning agents without disassembling the air conditioner. Before the new air conditioner is used for the first time, the old machine must be cleaned and disinfected when it is used again after the season or after a period of inactivity.

And if you smell odors during the use of the air conditioner, the cooling effect is not good, or the filter is dusty, you should also disinfect and clean it as soon as possible.

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