Friday, June 26, 2020

How can tea become more thirsty? Five reasons why tea gets more thirsty

Drinking water when you are thirsty is a common-sense question. People now choose to drink tea soup for the purpose of health care, but sometimes we feel that when we drink tea, the more we drink, the more thirsty. What's going on?

There are five reasons to drink tea and thirst

1. The normal function of tea polyphenols

Tea contains tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have many functions and effects in health care, but tea polyphenols also form a water-impermeable film on the tongue, which makes the tongue feel dry and astringent. After the membrane is broken, there will be a sweet, fresh feeling. So when this happens, we should rejoice that we have a good cup of tea.

Second, the diuretic effect of tea

Tea has a diuretic effect. Compared with drinking plain water, urination will increase significantly when drinking tea, which is probably the biggest reason for the more thirsty you drink tea.

Therefore, if you are thirsty, boiled water is your best choice, do not choose to drink tea to quench your thirst, after all, tea is used to taste, not to irrigate.

3. Drinking temperature is too high

When drinking tea, if the temperature of the tea soup is too high, it will hurt the mouth, esophagus, and throat, and it will make people feel dry. In general, the tea soup should be warmed before drinking. The temperature standard may be around 60 degrees Celsius .

4. Added in tea

If some unscrupulous profiteers add some pigments, flavors and other chemical agents to the tea, it will indeed make people feel more thirsty. Drinking this kind of tea for a long time will not only have no health-care effect on the body, but will harm the health of the body.

V. You are sick

Although the tea is good, it is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes you feel thirsty for everything you drink, and even feel dry mouth when drinking water, mostly because the liver and kidney are yin and deficiency, and you may have diabetes and dryness. Levy etc. In addition, it may also be due to poor dietary habits, causing liver fire and stomach fire, such as eating spicy and greasy food, it is easy to cause dry mouth.

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