Thursday, June 25, 2020

How can tea be stored to retain the fragrance?

If the tea is not stored properly, it will easily lose its fragrance. If you have the habit of drinking tea, you should pay attention to buying and drinking. For the tea you buy home, You Daojun concluded that the main points should pay attention to the following 4 points.

►Avoid dampness

When the water content of the tea reaches 8.8%, it is likely to be moldy; when it reaches 12%, if the temperature is suitable, the mold will quickly breed, and moldy spots will appear on the tea. Therefore, do not place the tea leaves in a humid environment such as the kitchen.

►Low temperature and dark

Both sunlight and lighting will affect the quality of tea. The more high-end green tea and flower tea, the stronger the sensitivity to light. Therefore, do not place tea leaves near window sills or spotlights.

►Place separately

After the purchased tea is wrapped in paper, it is wrapped and sealed in a two-layer polyethylene food bag, and then placed in a dry place. Never put tea leaves together with odorous items, such as camphor pills, soap, perfume, cigarettes, etc.

►The container is preferably a tin box porcelain jar

Tea leaves are best preserved in tin boxes or porcelain jars, followed by tin boxes, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. Plastic bags and cartons can also be used to preserve tea leaves. In particular, the tin box should be placed in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. This can prevent the iron box from oxidizing and rusting, and on the other hand, it can inhibit the rate of deterioration of the tea leaves in the tin box. You can also pack tea in plastic bags, but choose a thick food packaging bag.

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