Thursday, June 25, 2020

How about drinking yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning

People like to drink yogurt because it is easier to digest and absorb. Yogurt is made from fresh milk. After pasteurization, beneficial bacteria (starter) are added to the milk. After fermentation, the milk product is cooled and filled. Compared with fresh milk, yogurt not only has all the signature nutrients of fresh milk, but yogurt can make proteins into fine milk lumps, and calcium lactate produced by the combination of lactic acid and calcium is easy to digest. However, there are still many taboos to drink yogurt, such as drinking yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning?

Five points to note about drinking yoghurt. Have you paid attention to drinking yoghurt in general? Let's take a look at it together.

The fermentation process causes about 20% of sugar and protein in milk to be hydrolyzed into small molecules (such as galactose and lactic acid, small peptide chains and amino acids, etc.), and the fat content in milk is generally 3%-5%. After fermentation, the fatty acids in milk can be increased by 2 times compared with raw milk. These changes make yogurt easier to digest and absorb, and the utilization of various nutrients can be improved. Yogurt is made from pure milk. In addition to retaining all the nutrients of fresh milk, lactic acid bacteria can also produce many vitamins necessary for human nutrition during fermentation, such as VB1, VB2, VB6, and VB12.

Especially for people with lactose indigestion, eating yoghurt will not cause bloating, gas, or diarrhea. Fresh milk is rich in calcium. After fermentation, calcium and other minerals do not change, but the lactic acid produced after fermentation can effectively improve the utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the human body, so calcium and phosphorus in yogurt are more likely to be The human body absorbs.

Yogurt is also a good source of calcium. Although the nutritional content of yogurt depends on the source and composition of raw milk, generally speaking, the composition of yogurt is improved compared to raw milk: on the one hand because of the high quality requirements of raw materials, on the other hand because Some yogurts are made with a small amount of milk powder. Therefore, in general, drinking a cup of 150 grams of yogurt can meet 1/3 of the amount of calcium required by children under 10 years of age and 1/5 of the amount of calcium for adults.


1. Do not drink yogurt on an empty stomach. Drinking yogurt on an empty stomach can easily kill lactic acid bacteria and weaken the health care effect.

2. When drinking, it is best not to heat, because the beneficial bacteria in yogurt will die a lot after heating, the nutritional value will decrease, and the taste will change.

3. The amount of milk is suitable for you to drink for two days, about 500 ml. If you do too much and leave it for too long, the yoghurt will become too sour and it will not taste good.

4. The container is best selected from the refrigerator and microwave ovens used on the market. This container has a good sealing effect and the yogurt is not easy to deteriorate.

5. Don't put sugar when making yoghurt. It tastes better when you eat it.

Generally, the gastric acidity of humans is between PH1-3 and PH value is below 2 on fasting, and the pH value of active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt is above PH5.4. If you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, lactic acid bacteria will be easily killed by stomach acid Death, its nutritional value and health care function will be greatly reduced. If you drink yoghurt after a meal, the gastric juice is diluted and the pH rises to 3-5. This environment is very suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria, especially drinking yoghurt within two hours after a meal, the best effect.

In addition, the nutritionist also reminded that because yogurt is generally placed in the freezer, cold yogurt is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, especially the weak stomach of the elderly, which can easily cause stomach cramps, diarrhea and other adverse reactions. Therefore, before drinking yoghurt, you can put the yoghurt with a bag or bottle in warm water at about 45 degrees Celsius to slowly warm up, so that it will not kill the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt, but also increase the activity of the lactic acid bacteria and enhance its health care effect.

The above is a related introduction to drinking yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning. I believe you already know the answer. It is not good to drink yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning. In addition, the efficacy of yogurt is also very good. It can not only maintain the ecological balance of intestinal flora, form a biological barrier, but also inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria into the intestine. It inhibits the growth of saprophytic bacteria and certain bacteria in the intestine, thereby inhibiting the carcinogenic factors produced by these bacteria to achieve the purpose of preventing cancer.

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