Monday, June 22, 2020

High temperature season-beware of scrotal eczema

For men, if they work under high temperature for a long time, they are prone to diseases such as scrotum and eczema.

Scrotal eczema is the most common male skin disease in summer. When the weather is hot and high, if you do not pay attention to the local hygiene of the scrotum, when the sweat is impregnated, the underwear rubs, and excessive scratching, etc., it will cause scrotal eczema. Long-term high-temperature working environments, such as taxi drivers, truck drivers, construction workers, outdoor workers, and chefs, are more likely to suffer from scrotal eczema due to poor heat dissipation in the perineum.

Scrotal eczema manifests as wet scrotum, or accompanied by small red bumps on the surface, itchy and unbearable. After repeated scratching, the skin of the scrotum becomes rougher. Because the skin of the scrotum is very thin and tender, it is easy to cause bacterial infection after scratching, scrotal redness and heat pain, and even cause more serious lesions such as scrotal cellulitis. Scrotal eczema seems to be a minor disease, but it causes a lot of psychological pressure. Because itching of the lower body often makes people restless and feels out of place. Some people do not know that these little red spots are eczema, and they think that they are sexually transmitted diseases, and they are even more scared.

When there is scrotal eczema, some people use some hormone ointment. This kind of medicine can indeed reduce the symptoms. When it is simply red and itchy, applying some of these ointments can still relieve the symptoms, but if the condition is more serious, especially when there is a bacterial infection, it is not suitable for use, because hormone drugs can cause The infection worsens. The prevention and treatment of scrotal eczema is actually very simple. You can avoid it by following the following principles.

The first is patients with scrotal eczema. Because they are often scratched and are prone to secondary bacterial infections, the skin of the scrotum needs to be kept clean. It can be cleaned with 1/5000 furancillin solution and also has a bactericidal effect. Secondly, you can choose antibacterial ointments such as erythromycin and Baidubang to coat the surface of the scrotum to protect the wound surface.

In the treatment of scrotal eczema, the most taboo is scratching, rubbing, rubbing, scalding, etc., so any hot water, soap, saline, alkaline water, etc. should not be used. It is also not appropriate to apply irritated items such as iodine alcohol and ringworm medicine. Keep the affected area dry, do not wear too tight underwear, and do not wear tight jeans all day.

It should be reminded that scrotal eczema is not ringworm, so do not use the method of treating body ringworm. At the same time, it is also related to emotions, so it is necessary to maintain a comfortable mood, pay attention to rest, and eat spicy hair, such as onions and ginger.

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