Sunday, June 28, 2020

Heavy snow attack teaches you how to clean and maintain your car after snow

Suddenly "attacked" by heavy snow, many car owners' cars were covered by snow and ice overnight. How to clear heavy snow, how to clean the vehicle after the snow and how to maintain the car after the snow are topics that many car owners care about. Here are some related common sense for everyone, I hope to be helpful to all car owners and friends.

Car wash after snow: It is best to go to a professional computer car wash shop if you wash your own car

Washing the car immediately after snow will protect the car. But what puzzles many car owners is that they wash the car immediately after the snow, but the paint is getting worse and worse. Why? It turns out that when washing the car, I always carried a bucket of water and a rag . Of course, it is not impossible to wash the car by yourself. The key is that the method is wrong. Each time you wash the car, only one bucket of water is used. The mud and sand repeatedly entrained in the bucket scratches the paint. Moreover, the salt and alkaline substances in the snow water cannot be washed with only clean water. Experts suggest that it is better to go to a professional computer car wash shop, rinse the body with warm water and a large amount of flowing clean water and neutral detergent added in the car wash machine, and at the same time, the wheel brush that specifically cleans the wheel will wash the sludge in the gap of the wheel. clean. Under normal circumstances, computer car washers are equipped with chassis flushing equipment. A strong water column sprays upward to flush the chassis, which can completely flush out the muddy water attached to the surface of the chassis.

After-snow maintenance: experts teach you how to raise snow car paint

Snowing also has a great influence on the paint surface. Snowflakes contain a lot of corrosive substances such as acid, alkali or salts. If the snow covering the car is not removed in time, the car paint will be corroded by the corrosive components in the snow For a long time, the car paint may be corroded, and the external bright glaze will lose its luster. In severe cases, the car paint will peel off. Therefore, it is best for car owners to wash the car immediately after the snow. Even if the weather forecast shows that it will snow in the next few days, do not drag the car without washing. Washing the car immediately after snow will protect the car.

The stains on the car paint can be treated by different methods. For the asphalt, the asphalt spots contaminated by the car can be removed with professional de-asphalting water; in case of tiny flowers, it should be locally ground and polished with abrasive sandpaper; it can also be used for the whole car. Wax glazing and so on, these are ways to keep the lacquered surface of your car always young.

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