Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Have you bought these kinds of maternal and child supplies for your children Don’t want to hang baby, pay attention to these skills when using

For most treasure mothers, before and after the baby is born, the treasure mothers will buy and buy a variety of things for the children. Some of the mother and baby supplies are indeed used by the children. It is also necessary to buy them, and some of them are also necessary. After that, it is very likely to be idle.

Of course, there are several types of maternity and baby supplies that children need, but when you use it for your baby, Baoma needs to think more about it.


Although pillows are daily necessities for our adults, babies who are too small are actually not needed, especially for children less than 3 months old, their spine has not developed well, and their head bones have not been shaped. Improper use is bad for children's health.

Children grow up, when you need to buy pillows for them, Bao Ma should also pay attention to, the material of the pillowcase and pillow core must be selected for the age group of the child, so that it is really good for the child.

Some treasure moms only look good, but ignore the age characteristics of the child. It is not good for the child's development to use an inappropriate pillow for the child. This must be paid attention to.

Baby carriage

As a transportation tool for taking children out, for Bao Ma, almost all will choose to buy one or even a few baby carriages for their children. Regarding baby carriages, Bao Ma should also pay attention when using it. Children who are too small are not suitable for a long time. Sit, and pay attention to the baby's sitting posture.

When using a stroller, the safety of the child also needs to be paid attention to by the mother. Older children are not suitable for sitting alone in the stroller, and the naughty child may cause the cart to roll over and so on.

Strollers are not suitable for one-time use too long, especially for children who can already walk, it is best not to rely on the stroller when going out, in a safe place, let the child walk down the ground, more activities, the health of the child It is also more advantageous.


Regarding the crib, it is recommended that you should consider it before you buy it. Think about whether it is really needed. Many mothers have reported that they bought a crib when they were pregnant, but the child is 2 years old and has never slept once. , It is wasteful when idle. Cribs generally take up a lot of space, and it’s also a hassle to buy them at home if you don’t need them.

For those mothers who decide to buy a baby cot for their children and are actually using it after they buy it, they must pay attention to safety when using it to prevent children from falling out of bed or suffocation. Some children don’t sleep honestly. If they sleep in a crib by themselves and kick the quilt at night, they can easily catch cold and get sick. This is also bad for children.

Regarding these maternal and infant products, if Baoma decides to use it for children, it is indeed beneficial to use, and sometimes it is more convenient, but these products also have potential dangers. For Baoma, they do not want to cause unnecessary harm to children. When using it, the potential unsafe factors in all aspects must be considered.

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