Monday, June 29, 2020

Have women ever had an abortion operation? The following aspects will leave "traces"

When it comes to abortion surgery, it may be familiar to many women. There are many women in the hospital lined up to perform this operation every day. No matter what the reason is, if you are not prepared to have a baby, you will get pregnant unexpectedly. It can be said that it is a very irresponsible performance and very cruel to the fetus. For women, they will also leave obvious "traces" on their bodies, and these can't be concealed if they want to conceal.

Whether a woman has had an abortion operation is obvious from the following aspects, and it is difficult to hide.

Cervical changes

For women, if they have had an abortion operation, especially if the month is relatively large, and if they have had an induced labor operation, then the changes in the cervix will be obvious. Because this method of abortion is actually similar to normal birth, the fetus is delivered through the birth canal, but this method is more cruel, and the doctor will take measures to make the fetus show no signs of life in advance.

Medical staff said that if a woman has such an abortion operation, it can be said that no matter how long the interval is after the operation, it can't be concealed, it can be clearly seen, mainly because the fetus was delivered through the birth canal, natural women There will be obvious changes in the cervix of the cervix, and these people who understand slightly understand that it is difficult to hide.

The crotch will change

For women who have miscarried, their crotch will also change, which is what we usually say will be wider. This is mainly because after pregnancy, the body secretes relaxin, which causes the pelvic ligament to relax, and the fetus will press the female pelvic floor muscles, causing the peripheral muscles to become relaxed. The short-term external performance is that the female crotch will appear Wider. And if the month is big, there will be changes on the women's belly. On the one hand, women's belly will become slack, on the other hand, it will leave stretch marks. If you have stretch marks, it is even more impossible to hide them.

If the month is relatively small, the woman will have an abortion operation, and the menstrual cycle will also be affected. If the time after the operation is relatively short, there will be obvious traces on the woman's body, especially those who have undergone cervix surgery. Concealment can be said to be impossible.

So if you have a woman who has undergone an abortion operation, you must understand that there will be obvious "traces" on your body, don't always think about concealment. And in the future, if you are pregnant, during the obstetric examination, the doctor will also ask if you have a history of miscarriage. If you hide it, it may also affect the fetus in your belly. These women must be aware of it.

It is now popular on the Internet that the phrase "leave the first child to your husband" is also a piece of advice for young girls. In any case, as long as you are not ready to be a mother, please be responsible for yourself and any life.

Girls must not be in a state of fluke, or thinking about miscarriage is not just an operation, but I don’t know that behind the abortion, all kinds of sequelae are very serious. If unfortunate, women may not even be qualified as mothers. So we must be cautious.

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