Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hair loss after childbirth will basically stop after this time.

A female friend said that after she gave birth to a child, her hair fell very badly. Recently, she planned to go to perm. To know that this female friend of mine has dark and thick hair in the impression of the people around her. It is difficult to imagine how badly her hair fell after childbirth.

However, it is normal for women to lose their hair within a few months after giving birth. I suggest that my friends can wait again because hair loss after childbirth will basically stop at this time. If, by this time, it hasn’t stopped, it’s not too late to try to save your hair and image.

Most women lose their hair about three months after delivery, and the number of hair loss returns to normal around ten months after delivery

Hair also has a growth cycle, so basically everyone will have a normal level of hair loss every day. However, the number of normal hair drops is basically less than 80.

However, due to various factors such as body hormones, nutrition, and stress, postpartum women have higher hair loss than normal people, and even the hair visible to the naked eye becomes thinner and the hairline moves back. Therefore, many post-natal beauties will be nervous because of the hair loss.

Female hair loss after childbirth can last for several months. According to most women, they lose their hair about three months after giving birth, and they will be covered with hair as soon as they comb their hair. Fortunately, the number of hair loss in postpartum women returned to normal around ten months after delivery. When the baby is one year old, that is, one year later, the amount of hair will return to normal levels.

During postpartum hair loss, you can take measures to alleviate

Although a few months after the birth, it is normal for women to lose more hair than before. However, women who are experiencing hair loss after childbirth are unafraid to see a lot of hair falling every day. This kind of tense emotion is extremely detrimental to women's post-natal recovery and mood.

Therefore, it is also necessary to take measures to alleviate hair fall. When hair loss is more serious, women should usually try to avoid pulling the hair. They can choose large-toothed combs. Of course, they can also cut their hair short, once and for all.

In addition, during postpartum hair loss, women should try not to focus on their hair as much as possible, eat a healthy diet, ensure adequate rest time, relax, and alleviate hair loss.

If you lose hair after giving birth, your hair will become thinner and thinner, which will inevitably reduce the image of women. However, it is not recommended for women to perm their hair during hair loss in order to show more hair volume, because it not only makes the difficulty of hair care more difficult, but also causes greater damage to the hair.

Women who are experiencing hair loss after childbirth can rest assured that the number of hair loss will return to normal in about ten months after delivery. One year after delivery, the hair can return to prenatal levels.

Of course, if you find that the hair volume is still very small one year after delivery, you need to pay attention. It may be that there is a problem in other parts of the body, which leads to hair loss.

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