Monday, June 22, 2020

Gynecology-skin and hair care during pregnancy General skin care

When you become pregnant, the skin becomes moisturized and soft due to the action of hormones. Increased blood circulation in the body, coupled with rosy and shiny skin, your face will appear smooth and soft. The skin of most pregnant women is better than that of non-pregnancy, of course there are some exceptions. You can use some lotion or lotion when taking a bath, which will form a lubricating film on your skin to prevent the loss of moisture. Use as little soap as possible, and if you use soap, it is best to use the brand you used before to avoid skin allergies. It is easy to sweat in summer, so increase the number of baths. Wash your face at least twice a day, wash carefully, and then use some skin care products. If necessary, such as winter air is too dry, you can use hand cream and lip balm.

Protect your hair

After pregnancy, you should keep hair that is easier to comb, preferably short hair, which is convenient for combing and shampooing. Wash your hair frequently to keep it clean and make the blood circulation to the head normal. When washing hair, massage the scalp carefully. After drying the hair, you should use a comb to comb the hair. This will not only keep the hair shiny, but also promote blood circulation and metabolism. Combing your hair before going to bed helps you sleep better. In the third trimester of pregnancy, it is best not to bend your hair and wash your hair, because that will put pressure on your stomach. If possible, it is best to stand in the shower and wash your hair. Unless especially necessary, try not to perm during pregnancy. If you want to perm, it is best to choose between 16-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Melasma of pregnancy

After pregnancy, due to endocrine effects, some pregnant women may develop brown patches on the face or neck, commonly known as chloasma of pregnancy. It is generally not necessary to handle it during pregnancy, just cover it with some cosmetics. But some cosmetics will increase chloasma, so choose cosmetics carefully. Sunlight can also make chloasma more serious, so you should try to avoid the sun exposure, if you must go out, you should prepare a parasol.

Itchy pregnancy skin

Some pregnant women experience itchy skin after pregnancy, especially in the second trimester. The areas of itchy skin are uncertain, most of them are on the skin of the trunk, and many of them occur near the thighs. Do not scratch the skin as much as possible to avoid infection. Use some moisturizer to rub the skin, it may reduce itching. If it is really intolerable, you can consult your doctor and give you some antipruritic drugs if necessary.

What to do if the inner thigh is rubbed

If you gain too much weight, you may feel skin friction, especially on the inner thighs. In addition to taking regular showers, you should also pay attention to wearing cotton clothes. The real way to prevent this is to prevent excessive weight gain.

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