Friday, June 26, 2020

Green tea brewing steps, teach you how to brew

The brewing of green tea pays attention to the method and steps. When brewing, brew according to the following steps, not only can make the tea soup taste fresher, but also feel the fun of brewing tea. The following editor introduces you to the brewing steps of green tea and teaches you how to brew.

Green tea brewing steps

1. Spare parts: Tea cups and tea pots, tea rules, teaspoons, tea trays, tea towels and kettles are prepared according to the number of drinkers.

2. Tea appreciation: Tilt and rotate the tea pot to pour the tea into the tea. Use a teaspoon to put the tea leaves in the tea into the tea tray, appreciate the dry tea color, tender evenness, and smell the aroma of dry tea.

3. Warm cup: Wash the tea cup with boiling water to increase the temperature of the cup. It is especially important in winter, which is conducive to brewing tea.

Fourth, set tea: the tea cup for brewing green tea generally has a capacity of 150 ml, and the amount of tea used is about 3 grams. Use a teaspoon to dispense the tea leaves from the tea tray or tea evenly into each tea cup.

V. Infiltrating bubble: Lift the pot and flush the water into the cup along the wall of the cup. The amount of water is 1/4 or 1/3 of the volume of the cup, so that the tea leaves can absorb water and relax, which is convenient for the tea juice to precipitate.

6. Brewing: With the "Phoenix Three Nods" method, flush water into the cup to about 70% of the total capacity, meaning "seven minutes of tea, three points of love". After three "high punches", the tea leaves in the cup are turned up and down, and the concentration of the tea soup in the cup is even. Also express courtesy and welcome the guests' arrival. During the brewing process, the kettle is required to be highly suspended, so that the water flow has an impact force and a curved aesthetic.

7. Fengcha: Hand the tea to the guests as soon as possible after brewing, so as to smell the fragrance without sacrificing time. In order to prevent the tea leaves from being soaked in water for too long and losing their proper flavor, the tea soup can be poured into a fair cup during the second and third soaks, and then the tea soup can be poured into the tasting tea cup.

8. Tasting: generally smell the fragrance first, then look and sip. Take a small sip, let the tea soup reverberate in your mouth, make full contact with the taste buds, then swallow slowly, and use the tip of your tongue against the root of the tooth and inhale to taste the sweetness of the tea.

There are three key elements in making tea: water temperature, amount of tea, and brewing time. Green tea is relatively fresh, so in order to make it fresh and refreshing, the water temperature should not be too high, generally 85 degrees. If it is too high, it will burn the tea leaves and create a cooked taste. The ratio of throwing tea is generally 1:50. Green tea can be brewed in bowls, glasses and mugs. Master the above points and brew according to the steps, your tea soup will taste more delicious.

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