Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Give your baby a bath in the spring and don’t want to make the baby sick and cold. Be careful to avoid these big mistakes

It’s getting warmer, and many mothers responded that it was a lot easier to bathe their babies. Because the temperature has risen, you don’t have to worry too much about the baby’s cold, but I don’t know. Sometimes, there are some details that are not noticed, it is easier for the baby to catch cold and get sick.

Teacher Gu Yu’s suggestion is that if you don’t want your baby to get cold and sick when taking a bath in the spring, there are a few big mistakes that you still need to avoid. All you have done is to make your baby more comfortable and cry less when taking a bath. They are also not easy to catch cold, and Bao Ma does not have to worry about it.

Keep the water temperature under control and avoid water temperature too low

When the temperature rises, when the baby is taking a bath, even if the water temperature is lower, the little guys will feel very comfortable. On the contrary, the water temperature is slightly hot, the baby will even resist, they will not want to go into the water because the water temperature is too hot. So some mothers could not control the water temperature well, or even intentionally lower the water temperature. But I do not know if this is a big mistake.

Teacher Gu Yu’s suggestion is that even during the Spring Festival, when the temperature is relatively high, the temperature of the water should be strictly controlled when bathing the baby. Baoma can’t rely on her own feelings. Generally speaking, bathing the baby When the water temperature should be controlled between 37 ℃ -40 ℃, too high will make the baby scald, too low will make Bao dad cold and sick. This point must be well controlled. You can buy a water thermometer to measure the water temperature, which will be more convenient.

Take a good bath time, not too long

In the spring, when the baby is bathing the baby, because the water is very fun, the baby is generally not resistant to water. Many baby mothers reflect that their baby is always unwilling to come out when taking a bath. For a while, some mothers could not help the baby crying and begging to keep the baby playing in the water, but it was wrong to do so.

The baby's skin is very tender. If you soak in the water for a long time when taking a bath, it will cause great damage to their skin. If the immersion time is too long, it will make it easier for the baby to catch a cold. Teacher Gu Yu's suggestion is that it is best not to bathe the baby for more than 15 minutes. Don’t let the baby keep soaking in the water because it doesn’t want to get out of the water.

Dress your baby to keep warm immediately after taking a bath

Some treasure moms didn't put on their clothes to keep them warm for the first time after bathing their babies. Instead, they let the babies play barely. This is also a big mistake for bathing babies. Generally speaking, when babies come out of the water, they will feel cool on their body. At this time, it is wise to dry the baby and put on clothes. But because it is the Spring Festival, the weather is warm, and many babies will resist their mothers to dress themselves.

At this time, the wrong way is to let the baby play with the belly. Teacher Gu Yu suggested that Baomao should not let the baby play around, and must wear clothes to keep warm after the bath, especially the baby's belly. If Baoma doesn't pay attention to this point, it is easy for the baby to catch cold and get sick.

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