Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fun facts during pregnancy: Have you met a few embarrassing questions that your mother was asked during pregnancy?

I believe that many mothers will be asked some embarrassing questions during pregnancy, and they will be asked once after going to a pregnancy test. In fact, this is not a blame for doctors, because many people will not choose to be born even if they are pregnant. You have to confirm all aspects. So, what embarrassing things will my mother be asked during pregnancy?

1. Do the children in the stomach want to have it?

The first question must be that the child in the belly is not going to fight. Just like Xiaohua's situation, when a lot of novice mothers are asked this question, they will obviously and embarrassed expression, froze for a few seconds, quickly said This problem is relatively common when it comes to "required." Generally, as long as you go to the hospital for a pregnancy test, the doctor will ask. For parents who do not plan to have children, the doctor's attitude is mostly not good, because the doctor will feel that this is a blasphemy of life and a devastation to his own body. Therefore, this embarrassing thing is very normal.

2. Have you ever had an abortion?

For such a miscarriage, most mothers may have some unwilling to recall the past, but the doctor will ask this question at will, many mothers will feel that this is a violation of their privacy, this kind of thing is very not Glorious, some mothers will conceal the truth.

Indeed, this kind of problem is indeed more private, and it is easy to touch the pain of the mother's heart. Whether it has experienced artificial abortion or spontaneous abortion, this is what the mother does not want to think about again. But mom should know that the doctor asks such questions not to check your privacy, but to ensure the safety of adults and children. Therefore, the mother should tell the truth, if necessary, you can explain the situation to the doctor alone.

3. Have you ever given birth?

This question has been asked quite a lot. Many novice mothers will be embarrassed and asked to be embarrassed when they are asked such questions: some of them may be concealed from their husbands because of their second marriage. Many reasons will be Causes the mother to lie and make the doctor make a wrong judgment. Each mother's physical constitution is different. With or without birth experience, the doctor will take different measures. In order to ensure the safety of the pregnant mother and the fetus, the mother should tell the truth.

During the pregnancy test, these embarrassing questions will be asked repeatedly, and the mother only needs to be honest.

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