Friday, June 26, 2020

Four problems affecting tea quality

Many tea friends have responded to a big problem. Tea leaves are not the same after being left at home for a while. What exactly affects the quality of tea leaves?


Temperature and temperature have a great influence on the aroma, soup color and taste of tea.

Especially in July and August in the south, the temperature sometimes reaches as high as 40℃.

Even if the tea has been stored dry and protected from light, it will quickly deteriorate, making green tea not green, black tea not fresh, and floral tea not fragrant.

Therefore, tea should be stored at a low temperature, and it is best to control the temperature between 0℃-5℃.


Oxygen contains 21% oxygen in the air of the natural environment.

If the tea leaves are stored directly in the natural environment without any protection, they will soon be oxidized, making the soup color red or even brown, and the tea leaves will lose its umami taste.

Therefore, at present, some places adopt the method of evacuation and nitrogen filling and sealed storage to store tea.


Light and light can change certain chemical components inside tea.

If the tea leaves are exposed to sunlight for 1 day, the color and taste of the tea leaves will change significantly, thus losing their original flavor and freshness.

Therefore, tea must be stored away from light.


According to the data of moisture content, when the moisture content of tea leaves exceeds 6%, the changes of various components begin to accelerate.

Therefore, the environment for storing tea must be dry.

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