Tuesday, June 30, 2020

For women who have had children, these three parts of the body will change significantly

It is not a simple thing for a woman to have a baby, it is really a walk from the ghost door. Many men always complain that their wives give birth to babies after they give birth to children, their appearance becomes ugly, and so on. But now that the economic conditions are good, women love beauty, and they begin to pay attention to maintenance after giving birth. Many women who have given birth have more women asking than before. But in the eyes of the people who came here, it was still obvious at first glance that the three characteristics of the body, especially the first one, were born to a woman who had given birth to a child. Come and see if you have these characteristics.

1. A loose stomach

In October, the fetus grows in the belly every day, the uterus becomes bigger, the muscles begin to relax, the pregnancy eats more, and the fat on the belly is more and more, so after the child is born, even the thinner mother After recovery, the stomach will still be loose and the epidermis is very loose. Mainly because the baby loses its elasticity after giving birth, just like a balloon, it is very elastic when it starts to blow, and it becomes crumpled when it is flat.

If you have stretch marks and twins, the situation of the belly will be more serious. It is unlikely that such a belly wants to return to the previous one, so people who have had children will know by looking at the belly.

2. Sagging chest

Because of pregnancy, the female breast will develop for the second time due to changes in hormones in the body. It is not difficult to see that the breast will become larger after pregnancy and prepare for the baby's breast milk after birth. The breast is also one of the representatives of female beauty. After weaning the baby, most of the treasures will shrink due to the sudden reduction or even disappearance of the milk. The breast becomes empty and the muscles lose their elasticity, resulting in sagging. I know.

3. Crotch

It is said that the big ass has a son, so it is good to have a baby, but now in a society that pays attention to aesthetics, the big ass does not necessarily have beauty. In pregnant mothers, the fetal head will enter the pelvic cavity due to birth, and the female pelvis is open at this time. Because of the growth of the fetus during the entire pregnancy, the pelvic bones of the pregnant mother will expand to both sides, which is what we often call the crotch. Therefore, if the pelvis is not repaired in time after delivery, the buttocks will also appear flat. A woman who has had a baby will obviously see the buttocks become larger and slack.

Looking at the above three places, is it true that you have a baby mom who has a child? Although these three places are easy to see if you have had a baby, I believe that Bao moms are all proud of it, right? In addition, Pregnancy lines on the tummy, long spots on the face, hair loss, enlarged feet, swollen legs, etc. are also symptoms of having a baby. Pregnancy is hard, giving birth is painful and happy, every mother is great.

After giving birth to a baby, each baby mother's physique is different. Some baby mothers can quickly recover their body after giving birth, and some need a period of time. In fact, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is good health. After a reasonable exercise, a reasonable meal, and a relaxed and happy mood, there is still the possibility of later recovery.

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