Saturday, June 27, 2020

Flat tires are related to tire aging, hidden safety hazards are everywhere

The rate of flat tires in various traffic accidents is really high, and aging tires must be inspected and replaced in time. The reporter has seen many times at the repair station that the tires used by the vehicle have exceeded the service life or the number of kilometers, and they are still informed by the maintenance engineer, "No problem, they have not been smoothed, and they can continue to be used." Hidden safety hazards are everywhere.

The main material of the tire is rubber, and the rubber product has a certain service life. According to the official statement of the tire manufacturer, in general, the life of the tire should be within 2 years or the vehicle has traveled between 60,000 and 80,000 kilometers. Of course, in actual use, following this rule our car cost can be too high. Therefore, in general, professionals suggest that if the use is not frequent and the car environment is not bad, the normal use of the tire for four years is not a problem, but remember that the tire must be replaced after four years of use. However, Chinese consumers are accustomed to using tires until they are "smoothed" to stop. There is no habit of changing tires regularly and quantitatively, and they need to be improved urgently.

Therefore, in order to avoid accidents caused by aging tires, it is recommended that car owners still need to check the tires of their cars, and the production date of the tires should be clear. In order to obtain the best tire wear condition, tire positioning is necessary. You can refer to the instructions provided by the car manufacturer for the tire shifting instructions. Industry insiders suggest that the tires should be adjusted every 8000 to 10,000 kilometers. Even if the tires run less than 8,000 kilometers, if the tires wear irregularly, they should be adjusted. At the same time, the wheel positioning should be checked in time to find out the causes of irregular tire wear. .

Tires should be checked frequently, especially the long-term driving conditions of car owners are relatively bad. This work is very important and cannot be ignored. After all, poor driving conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tires. When you find that the tire is gradually hardening, aging cracking, etc., you should change the tire without hesitation, especially if there are bumps like bubbles, it means that the structural layer there has been broken and can not bear the tire pressure And blistering, tire puncture occurs at any time.

In addition to tire puncture caused by tire aging, incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of tire puncture. Therefore, the owner should also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure of the tire. In addition, it is recommended that the owner equip himself with a simple tire pressure gauge to test the tire pressure of 4 tires every 1 month, so that the owner can have a bottom in his heart. . The last thing I have to mention is that the attention and maintenance of the spare tire, otherwise it will not be able to cope with emergencies, it will only make matters worse.

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