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Five steps to teach you to check the brake system yourself and develop good habits

Winter is coming and the weather is getting colder. It is inevitable to buy a few practical car supplies for the winter, but it needs to be returned to, not blindly. We remind everyone that car accessories such as steering wheel covers and cotton car mats can be dangerous if purchased improperly.

In the following, we introduce a few kinds of car equipment and purchasing skills that are often used in winter for your reference.

1. Special cushion for winter

As the weather gets colder, many car owners get chilly in the morning and it takes a long time to get warm. The seat cushion has the closest contact with the car owner, so when winter is coming, the first thing that should be replaced is the car seat cushion. At present, there are many types of cushions on the market, mainly including velvet cushions, artificial wool cushions, feather cushions, pure wool cushions and so on. Economical cars can use ordinary velvet pads, cartoon fabrics, wool-like pads, feather pads and other moderately priced, and mid-to-high-end cars can choose pure wool pads.

Tips: When choosing a cushion, be sure to feel it carefully, touch it with your hand, smell it with your nose, and see if there is any smell or hair loss. Attention should also be paid to the use, especially the owners of smoking, try not to smoke in the car, because this kind of wool is easy to catch fire.

Second, the car interior supplies

Steering wheel cover: For the car owners, installing a soft steering wheel cover will not only protect the steering wheel from wear, but also increase the feel and friction, prevent the hands from sweating and slipping, and thus enhance the sensitivity and safety of the car when driving. , It can also reduce shock absorption. The design of the steering wheel cover for general high-end cars is more reasonable in this respect, but many low-end cars lack this humanized design.

Tips: When people choose the steering wheel cover of the car, they must first consider the safety of driving, check whether the steering wheel cover and the steering wheel should be "seamlessly docked", firmly fixed, not slipping or loosening; in addition, Check whether the size is appropriate. Some furry and exaggerated steering wheel covers, although they look warm and mellow, may be too exaggerated to block some dashboards, which also affects driving.

Safety cotton pads: Car pads are a very practical car accessories. First of all, the car mat can improve the driver's comfort. The vibration generated by the vehicle driving on different roads is directly transmitted to the driver's foot. Over time, the foot will be prone to soreness, swelling and pain due to fatigue. It can effectively buffer the vibration of the vehicle, improve the comfort of the driver and relieve the discomfort.

Tips: If you want to purchase according to the size, shape, specifications and other parameters of your own model, you can also measure the size of the original foot pad to fit it completely and firmly installed on the car floor, the size is too large or too small , Will cause the pad to shift, and cause a major safety hazard that may catch the brake and accelerator pedal.

3. Winter clothing

For car owners who do not have a garage, it is a good choice to buy a car in winter for a car. Car clothing can play a role in car thermal insulation, anti-theft, and flame retardancy. Especially in winter, snowy days are also good for car paint protection.

Tips: When choosing a car, the owner must "fit" the car. Now many online shops can provide special car clothing according to different models, the price is basically in the range of 100-300 yuan. Finally, we must weigh the weight of the car clothing. Good car clothing weighs a few kilograms, but the difference is only about 1kg.

Readers often call to ask how the vehicles are inspected annually, and what precautions they have. Here, the reporter interviewed the Sitaizi test line in Shenyang City. The office staff reminded the owners of the vehicle through the reporter that they should realize the importance of the annual inspection of the vehicle. It is a safety indicator and an emission indicator, which allows you to drive at ease. If someone asks you to spend some money to "get through the customs", it is "self-deception, deceiving others, harming others", and "more than gains." Do the following tasks to make your car pass the annual inspection smoothly.

Common sense 1

How often is the motor vehicle checked?

According to state regulations, motor vehicles must pass the exhaust gas inspection, vehicle appearance, lights, brakes, and chassis inspections on a regular basis, and issue inspection marks if there are no violation records. All annual inspection dates are based on the date of registration on the driving license. From the date of registration, motor vehicles are subject to safety technical inspections according to the following deadlines, generally referred to as "annual inspection" or "annual review".

Small and micro non-operating passenger cars shall be inspected every 2 years within 6 years, once every 6 years or more, and every 15 months or more, every 6 months.

The passenger car shall be inspected once every year within 5 years of operation; if it is over 5 years, it shall be inspected once every 6 months.

Cargo trucks and large and medium-sized non-operating passenger cars are inspected once a year within 10 years; if they are over 10 years, they are inspected once every 6 months.

Imported vehicles, like other models, can be regularly inspected at any testing site.

Common sense 2

Can vehicles be inspected off-site?

Vehicles can be inspected in different places. The procedure of entrusted annual inspection in different places requires that the owner must first apply to the place of original registration before the annual review can be carried out, and every year the application from the vehicle management office of the place where the original vehicle is registered is applied.

If there are unhandled violations at the place where the vehicle is used, they must be dealt with in advance.

To handle the entrusted off-site annual review, you need to submit the original copy of the motor vehicle driving license and the copy of the compulsory insurance policy within the validity period. If you entrust others to do it, you need to submit the identity certificate of the agent. Then the certificate issued by the affiliated vehicle management branch to commission the annual review in different places can go to the place where the vehicle is used for the annual review of the vehicle.

If the owner of the car will leave one city and live in another city for a long time due to work and life, it is recommended to go through the "vehicle relocation" procedure.

Common sense 3

Can the car be inspected after the annual inspection expires?

The motor vehicle registration management regulations stipulate that if the vehicle fails to carry out the safety technical inspection within the prescribed time limit, the public security traffic management department shall issue a warning or a fine of less than 200 yuan. In other words, expired unchecked cars are illegal, but the staff of the inspection line told reporters that before they were caught by the traffic police and before the accident, it was okay to step up and make up for the inspection. The staff member said that the inspection is illegal driving. If an accident occurs, the insurance company will not compensate, so the owners still have to ensure a normal annual inspection.

Common sense 4

What is the process of annual inspection?

Before checking the car, you need to prepare a driver's license, driving license, insurance policy, and 200 yuan (normal cost within 200 yuan).

After arriving at the vehicle inspection line, fill in the annual inspection application form, which must have the stamp of the transportation department, the official seal of the unit, or a private signature and a copy of the ID card. Any violation records must be dealt with, otherwise it will not be accepted.

The appearance of the body should not be too "fancy" according to your own preferences, otherwise the appearance will not pass. Unnecessary modifications will not only make you spend more money but also fail the annual inspection. There is even more "verification of the body", do not change the shell or engine without permission. Don’t buy a car with an “unknown origin”, otherwise it will be “ask yourself” and even be held accountable.

The next step is the safety inspection. The front and rear axle weights, foot brakes, hand brakes, suspension, and side slip are all accurate data to show whether your car is qualified, as well as the lights, headlight brightness, and angle.

If an unqualified item can be re-examined within the prescribed time, of course the re-examination fee may be paid.

Common sense 5

What items need to be self-checked before car inspection?

In the annual inspection of motor vehicles, the three items of brake, handbrake, and light brightness are rejected, which means that as long as one item is unqualified, the entire car is considered unqualified. To this end, start from the following aspects:

Tire pressure check: Adjust the tire pressure as much as possible to the calibrated air pressure of the vehicle (see the manual, don't listen to the tire repair department). The four tire pressures are the same.

Road test brakes: There must be no head or tail flicking during a sudden brake. If you change the brake pads or brake discs, you must run more than 500 kilometers before you check the car. In addition, the brake pads should be changed at the same time as far as possible to avoid uneven braking power.

Adjustment of the handbrake: Find a familiar car repair shop and adjust the handbrake to 3 teeth. Even if the click sounds three times, the handbrake will hardly move. Special attention should be paid to the normal state after passing the inspection, otherwise the parking brake will be used.

Light adjustment: the brightness of the light should be normal, wipe the lamp cover clean. Find a night, the headlights hit the high beam, 5 meters away from the headlights, generally under the belt position of people. The left and right and up and down deviations are not vetoed items and are proposed adjustments.

Try to keep the car clean and tidy before inspection, and there is no mud on the tires, especially the lampshade is clean.

Follow the above tips to do the car owners, you can basically complete the car inspection efficiently.

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