Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Five physical examinations that are indispensable before the age of 10 are related to the health of the child

Every child is the best gift from heaven to his parents, but also the motivation and goal of every parent in their struggle. Before the child is born, the mother will pray for the child’s healthy growth and safe birth. After the child is born, the parents do not ask for the child’s future success, but only for the child’s healthy and happy life. I believe this is the biggest wish of most parents. It is difficult to buy health with money. Health is very important for everyone, especially in the whole growth process of children.

I have heard this sentence: "A person's health needs to be managed from an early age."

During the annual physical examination, almost half of the children have different levels of health problems. Some problems are found to be well treated in time, but some children are not so lucky.

I heard a lot of parents saying, "My child looks very healthy! I can eat, sleep, and play. Why do I need a medical checkup? Why do I have to do those tests? Isn't it a waste of money?"

If you think that way as a parent, you are really wrong. Children must do these tests before the age of 10, most parents do not know. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a quick look at what tests are missed by your children?

Newborn Examination Project

The newborn undergoes the first routine examination (height, weight, head circumference, hearing, breathing, etc.) after birth, and the newborn jaundice, umbilical cord, and systemic development (muscles, limbs, intelligence) are examined within one week to one month. Month's mental development test, six-month exercise capacity test, nine-month trace element test, etc., these cannot be ignored.

One-year-old inspection items

In addition to the basic routine examinations after the child is one year old, there are these items that must be checked!

Including the child's language ability, one-year-old children can speak simple words, so mom and dad usually also pay attention to exercise the child's language ability, the child's big movements and teeth are also the focus of this inspection.

Two-year-old check item

Two-year-old children must have a basic routine examination. After 2 years of age, the children's diet can be basically the same as that of adults, so parents must be balanced in terms of nutrition to avoid children's partial eating and picky eating. During the examination, the doctor will combine the child's height and bone development to advise parents what kind of nutrition the child should add at this time.

Three-year-old inspection project

After the child reaches the age of four, the eyesight basically reaches the adult's vision, so when the child is three years old, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection of the child's vision to see if the child has myopia or amblyopia, because at the age of three I found that children's vision problems can basically be cured.

Check items from 4 to 10 years old

Every year children will encounter growth problems. In addition to the routine tests that must be checked, such as hematuria routine and liver function tests, children after the age of four have already had a certain understanding ability. Parents should communicate with their children more than children. Parents of physical health problems should also know that the psychological health of their children must not be ignored.

The best time frequency for each inspection

Doctors and experts of Zhejiang University Hospital said that the inspection interval should be kept at 3 months before the child is one year old, because each examination is critical to the child's growth and development, and every 6 years after the age of 1 to 3 Check it once a month, and keep it once a year after you are 3 years old. Of course, these are also the basic guarantee for admission to the park. Before entering the park, the child's physical health will also affect whether the child can go to school smoothly.

Each physical examination can truly reflect the child's physical condition. According to the results of the physical examination, parents should respect the doctor's advice and adjust their children's diet, rest and other habits at any time.

Children's regular medical examinations are like buying insurance during the growth process. Every parent must pay attention and be well prepared. In particular, some must-do examinations must be kept in mind and must not be forgotten Only then can we really understand the development and growth.

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