Monday, June 29, 2020

Fengyoujing dripped on the shoes to solve the problems of every household, regret to know now!

Every common thing like Fengyoujing will be prepared by every household. In addition to cooling and itching, summer refreshing, there are actually many magical uses that you don’t know! Come and follow your mom~

Decontamination artifact

Remove scratches on shoes

Did you know that Fengyoujing is still a decontamination artifact! If the leather shoes go too much and there are black scratches, don't worry, it can be perfectly solved with Feng You Jing. First drop a few drops of Feng You Jing on the scratched area.

Wipe evenly, then wipe the paper, the stain disappears immediately, is it amazing~!

Clean up car stains

I don’t know where I drove when I drove out. There are stains on the car one by one. Don’t panic, try using Fengyoujing to remove the stains! Drop a few drops in the place where there are traces, then wipe open, wait for the wind oil to dissolve the stain.

After a while, take a rag and wipe off the stains immediately. The car is clean again and again, helping you save a car wash fee~!

Deodorant artifact

Wardrobe to smell and mildew

The volatile medicinal oil fragrance of Fengyoujing can also be used to deodorize. Drop a few drops on a paper towel and rub it directly into a closet to throw it into the wardrobe. The damp smell that is easy to have in the wooden wardrobe on rainy days disappears, and it has the function of preventing mildew. Oh~

Remove shoe odor

In the same way, the paper towels dripped with fengyou essence can remove the odor of the shoes very well. I am not afraid of the smell of opening the shoe cabinet in the future~

Life magic

Anti-sweat and anti-beriberi

In addition to refreshing and refreshing, Fengyoujing is also useful for applying on the feet! Especially in the summer when the feet are prone to sweat, you can apply two drops of wind oil on the feet, which not only removes sweat and odor, but also prevents beriberi~

Dissolve 502 glue

I believe everyone has used 502 glue. The feeling when you are accidentally stuck to your fingers is really hard to say. At this time, I suggest you don’t pull it!

Drip point Fengyoujing is on the adhesion of fingers, and the fingers are rubbed and rubbed gently, and it can be opened in less than a minute.

Mosquito repellent artifact

Fengyoujing + Band-Aid

In summer, in addition to the hot high temperature is annoying mosquitoes, teach you to use wind oil to make a mosquito repellent cooling artifact! You can find a band-aid and apply a few drops of Fengyoujing to the sponge in the middle of the band-aid.

Then stick the band-aid on the face of the fan. When the fan is turned on, the wind blown out is fresh and cool, and the scent emitted by the wind oil can drive away the mosquitoes~

Fengyoujing + wooden shelf

A little bit hotter, besides turning on the fan, you may also need to turn on the air conditioner. You can find a common wooden clip, apply some wind oil on the clip, and clip it to the electric fan, which can also achieve the effect of cooling down and repelling mosquitoes.

If the air conditioner is turned on, the wooden clips coated with wind oil are directly clamped on the air conditioner blades. The wind blown out is extremely comfortable and comes with a natural mosquito repellent effect to help save money for buying mosquito coils!

Universal spray

Fengyoujing + white vinegar + water

Fengyoujing is so powerful, white vinegar is also a clean and deodorant helper often mentioned by Milan. Putting them together can produce a very wonderful reaction~! Find a watering can, get a little white vinegar inside, and add a few drops of Fengyoujing.

After pouring into the water and mixing, shake it evenly, so a bottle of "universal spray" is super convenient to use!

Sprayed by the bed: anti-mosquito

The most annoying thing when sleeping in summer is being woken up by mosquitoes. Spray the universal spray of fengyoujing and white vinegar on the corner of the bed. There will be no mosquito bites all night.

Spray in the toilet: clean and deodorize

The toilet has a lot of odor. Spray it with a universal spray, which can not only remove the odor, but also have a cleaning effect!

Spray in the bathroom: remove moisture and mildew

The bathroom is generally damp, and the smell is too heavy when the ventilation is not good. Use a universal spray to spray. The volatilization of white vinegar and the fragrance of wind oil can remove the damp and mildew smell well.

Sprayed on the curtains: in addition to smoke, fresh air

If there are smokers at home, the smell of smoke may permeate all corners. The universal spray sprays a little on the curtains to remove the smell of smoke and freshen the indoor air.

Sprayed in the kitchen, corner: cool mosquito repellent

Sprayed in the kitchen, living room, and corners of the room, the mosquito repellent effect is excellent, and it can also bring bursts of coolness, and it will not be afraid of mosquito bites when cooking in the future.

I can't imagine that Fengyoujing is so powerful in hot summer! Did you learn today’s trick,

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