Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Family daily care for patients with mania

Mania usually shows high emotions, more excitement and more movements. I feel that my brain has become flexible, people are smarter, I am excited when I talk, and my eyes are fluttering, I feel energetic, my sleep is reduced, my concentration is not focused, I am busy with my business, and I lose my temper. Severe persons are irritable, even irritable, and have aggressive behaviors, so care should pay attention to:

1. Family environment requirements

Excited and restless patients should not live in a family with irregular family life or unharmed family. The color of the room should use cool colors, such as green and blue, as well as simple and elegant room layout. During the period of the patient's illness, keep the family as quiet as possible and receive as few guests as possible, such as dinners and parties. When listening to music, you should also try to put on some serenade or light music with a slow rhythm.

2. How to get in touch with excited and agitated patients

When contacting and talking with agitated patients, you should be kind, kind, and patient; patients with many conversations should try not to talk or argue with patients too much, and they should not ridicule or laugh at them because of their exaggerated words. When the patient speaks a lot, you can use the methods of guiding and diverting attention. If the patient and the client have been talking, the family can remind him in the words that it is not early, it is time to rest or eat, or say that the client has other Work, talking about another day, etc., so that patients will generally be willing to accept.

3. How to take care of patients with impulse, injury and destruction behavior

Family members must take precautions against such patients. On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid irritating the patients. Most of the manic patients appear to be nosy, uneasy, and trivial. Things that are usually uncomfortable are even more uncomfortable at this time. People around the family or family members should do what they want. To meet his relatively reasonable requirements, so as not to cause impulsive and hurtful behavior. On the other hand, try not to let patients go out, because the more people in the place, the more they like to express themselves, the higher the level of excitement, the more unfavorable to the condition. At the same time, the excitement symptoms often cause outsiders to watch, and it is easy to cause injuries such as beatings or beatings. Therefore, while taking good precautions, you must actively contact your doctor to speed up the treatment, minimize the excitement period of the patient, strengthen drug treatment, prolong the day and night sleep time of the patient, and send to the hospital for treatment if necessary. In addition, some manic patients, some hypersexuality, often chase the opposite sex, nudity and other situations, family members must take care of this. Female patients are also easily abducted by bad guys when they go out, so patients with obvious sex should not be allowed to go out, especially if they cannot go out alone. Note that the patient's impulsive behavior is a morbid performance. Family members must not use the methods of beating, binding, and corporal punishment to restrict the patient. Otherwise, it will not help control the disease, but will aggravate the patient's agitation symptoms and increase hostility.

4. How to do life care for patients with excitement and restlessness

Excited and agitated patients often "get out of bed and forget food" because of "busy busyness", and overeating occurs when hunger is excessive, and they do not pay attention to diet hygiene, so they should especially take good care of their diet and urge patients to eat on time. It is best to let them dine alone when dining, so as not to affect the meal due to the lack of concentration of multi-speaking spirit. If the patient refuses to eat on time, he can deliver the prepared meals to the busy patient, who often eats by himself. During this period of time, the patient's physical exertion is exhausted, and the continuous talking can cause dry mouth and dehydration during extreme excitement. Therefore, the amount of food is generally more than usual. Pay attention to encourage drinking more water. In terms of personal hygiene, such as assisting in washing, bathing, shampooing, etc., urging more laundry and keeping the bed clean, female patients should assist in nursing during menstruation.

5. Entertainment

For patients with high excitement, there is no need to restrict their activities, such as cleaning at home, housekeeping, laundry, planting flowers, vegetables, etc., so that the patient’s energy and physical strength will be discharged and consumed. With the cooperation, increase the sleep time. In addition, you can also guide some recreational activities according to the patient's hobbies, such as chess, painting, calligraphy, singing, writing, etc.

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