Wednesday, June 24, 2020

"Fake lamb" was born, and I will teach you how to distinguish between true and false!

In winter, most people probably eat the most “mutton lamb”. The weather is cold and the temperature drops suddenly. Eating some lamb can play a role in “warming up”, and the lamb is rich in high-quality protein and heme iron. It can also play a good role in resisting viruses in cold winters, especially as red meat, which is rich in iron. Regular consumption can also prevent the occurrence of anemia. It is appropriate to eat something in cold winters. .

As for the "meat" of mutton, the meat on the market can be described as diverse. Various brands and various parts are very complete. Especially, it has always been inseparable from meat on our Chinese table. The products are adulterated and counterfeited. Today I mainly want to talk to you about "fake" lamb. Lamb is more fake. Especially many people like to eat kebabs, but they don’t know exactly what meat they eat. Pork and duck are pretending to be lamb. In fact, careful discrimination is completely distinguishable.

How to identify? Teach everyone a simple method, and make a simple identification through the methods of seeing, observing, and doing. How to do specific operations?

A look at the color: fresh and high-quality lamb is bright red, but slightly lighter than beef; pork pink and duck is dark red. The fat part of lamb should be white and delicate;

Two-view texture: the texture of lamb is fine and arranged in stripes; the texture of pork is coarse and the arrangement is irregular. It will show a net structure, the meat of duck is relatively tender, and the texture of mutton is relatively rough; the texture of duck is very small Clear.

Three-cooking and tasting: the fake lamb rolls do not have a succulent taste after being cooked, and they taste hard in the mouth after eating.

Food safety incidents have occurred frequently, and people are often full of panic. In fact, this is not necessary. As long as we have the basic identification knowledge, we can buy safe and secure food, and after reasonable cleaning and cooking, it is completely possible. Reduce the harm to ourselves.

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