Saturday, June 27, 2020

Everyday car maintenance pays attention to the changeable rubber strip maintenance "dead corner"

When everyone pays attention to the maintenance priorities of tires, engines, films, etc., some seemingly small parts are often overlooked by car owners. As everyone knows, improper maintenance of these "small parts" may cause major accidents.

Should pay attention to seat belt maintenance

Many car owners believe that the seat belt is "pulled over and buckled up". In fact, the correct way to tie the seat belt should be after pulling from the middle of the left shoulder collarbone, the height must not be lower than the shoulder, preferably 5-10cm higher.

In the daily maintenance of automobiles, the maintenance of seat belts is often overlooked. Always check the performance of the seat belts regularly. If any damage is found, it should be replaced in time. All bolts that fix the seats and seat belts on the floor next to the seats should be tightened as required, and sealants should be applied around the bolts. When the seat belt is too dirty, use soft soapy water as a cleaning solution and scrub with a cloth or sponge.

The master reminds the owner that if the seat belt of the car has been subjected to a strong straightening load during use, it should be replaced even if it is not damaged, and do not continue to use it.

Dashboard is key

"Due to the complex structure and the many corners and corners, it is difficult to clean all kinds of switches and meters." Master Wang emphasized.

If you pay a little attention to the dashboard, you will find that there are very few parts that can be cleaned with only a rag and sponge. These ditch areas need to use "special tools". In this case, the "special tools" designed by yourself can come in handy: use With various thicknesses of wood chips or ruler chips, it is necessary to repair its head into different shapes such as diagonal triangle, rectangle or pointed shape, and then wrap it in a clean rag to clean the ditch and ridge. It is the most ideal, which improves the cleaning. Effect without causing damage to the area being cleaned.

Adhesive strips cannot be ignored

I believe many people do not pay much attention to the maintenance and repair of vehicle rubber strips. The master said, don't underestimate these plastic strips, they not only decorate the body, but also play an important role in sealing the car. Therefore, once these sealant strips age or even crack, it will seriously affect the waterproof and sound insulation performance of the car.

The master recommends cleaning and maintaining these adhesive strips with a special adhesive strip cleaner. Care should be taken in the maintenance of some important parts of the adhesive strips to prevent the aging of the adhesive strips from affecting the glass movement or making abnormal noises. If aging or even shedding occurs, it must be replaced in time to avoid water leakage during the rainy season.

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