Sunday, June 28, 2020

Ensure the air quality in the car

For citizens who drive for a long time, the air quality in the car is particularly important. In winter, the outdoor temperature is low, and most citizens are used to close the windows tightly. If the time is long, it will cause the air in the car to be turbid, depressed, and boring, reducing driving pleasure. So how can the air in the car be kept fresh and comfortable? Industry insiders say that the air-conditioning system should be cleaned regularly, and indoor sterilization should be carried out, and the vehicle should often be exposed to the sun for ventilation.

method one

Clean the air-conditioning system regularly

Owning a vehicle you like and enjoying the fun of driving is a matter of concern to many car enthusiasts. "I'm a novice. I only bought a car for more than a year. I have a problem. If the indoor air is not good, it will cause motion sickness for a long time. But the window is too cold in winter. I really don't know what to do." Mr. Chen complained to the reporter.

So how can the air in the car be fresh and comfortable in winter? The reporter consulted Zhu Yangfeng, the after-sales service manager of Jimo Yubin Hekia 4S shop. According to Zhu Yangfeng, the most fundamental way to improve the air quality in a car is to clean the air-conditioning system. "Regularly clean the air-conditioning pipeline and use maintenance products for indoor sterilization, such as air-conditioning cleaning agents." The reporter learned that indoor sterilization is generally twice a year, the more appropriate time is the handover between spring and summer and autumn and winter. "After sterilization, not only can the air in the car be purified, but also beneficial to the health of the body." Zhu Yangfeng introduced.

Method Two

Ventilate the car in the sun

In addition to cleaning the air-conditioning system regularly, the public can also pay more attention to details. "The most direct method is to alternately use the internal and external circulation system of the air conditioner. When the road conditions are better and the air is fresher, the citizens can use the external circulation. When the car is congested and the exhaust emissions are serious, the internal circulation mode is used." Zhu Yangfeng introduced .

Window opening is also a better way, but due to the low temperature in winter, you can leave a gap between the windows on both sides for ventilation. The models with skylights can open the skylights, which will be very good in a short time after convection Air circulation. The sunroof should not be opened for too long, it will be effective in a few minutes.

"When the vehicle is parked, you can put the car in the sun, open the windows, and ventilate, so the effect is better." Zhu Yangfeng introduced.

Method Three

Pay attention to choose decoration materials

If you just bought a new car, Zhu Yangfeng said that you can put bamboo charcoal in the car to absorb the odor of the new car, or use peeled oranges, pineapples and other fruits to achieve a similar effect. At the same time, it is necessary to ventilate frequently so that the smell of the new car can be dissipated as soon as possible.

Industry insiders suggest that it is best to use original parts for car decoration. After buying a new car, almost every owner has to renovate it, including filming, floor covering, and perfume. The ground rubber belongs to the interior decoration that the car owner chooses voluntarily. The main function is to prevent moisture and sound. However, if the non-original and irregular low-grade materials and adhesives are selected, it is easy to produce bad gas. It is recommended that the owner should use the rubber provided by the original factory.

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