Sunday, June 28, 2020

Eight ways to find an increase in automobile fuel consumption, maintenance is very important

Owners occasionally find that the vehicle's fuel consumption will suddenly increase. Although they know that there will be a malfunction, it is not easy to find out. Today, the editor of Shaoxing Automotive Network provides eight test methods for the majority of riders to save the fuel consumption crisis in time.

1. It is found that the current taxi distance of the car is significantly reduced during driving. At this time, car owners should check whether the tire pressure meets the air pressure standard. If the tires are insufficiently inflated, fuel consumption will also increase.

Prompt: Insufficient tires at the right time

Eight ways to find the increase in automobile fuel consumption are very important for maintenance

2. Check the degree of tire wear. If the tires are badly worn, they will often slip and increase fuel consumption.

Tip: Replace new tires if necessary

3. The wheels are found to have abnormal noise during driving or starting. Netizens should check whether the bearing and brake system are faulty in time. If the wheels turn abnormally, it will affect the speed of the vehicle and increase fuel consumption.

Tip: Overhaul the bearing and brake system

4. Clutch slip will cause the engine revolutions to be lost. When you find that the engine tachometer increases quickly while accelerating, but the speed of the vehicle increases slowly, it can be determined that the clutch is slipping.

Tip: need to replace the clutch plate, clutch pressure plate and drive wheel

5. When the vehicle has traveled two or three hundred thousand kilometers, the phenomenon of insufficient cylinder pressure usually occurs. At this time, fuel consumption will increase significantly.

Tip: If this kind of failure really occurs, then the engine needs to be overhauled

6. When the exhaust pipe emits black smoke and fuel consumption increases, the carburetor needs to be checked.

Tip: If the carburetor is too dirty, you can spray a spray directly to the carburetor air inlet. If black smoke is still emitted at this time, you can only disassemble the carburetor and clean it.

7. If the spark plug is used for too long, fuel consumption will also increase. Because the spark plug is damaged, the ignition energy will be reduced, and the speed of the car will be slowed down, resulting in a significant increase in gasoline consumption.

Tip: The spark plug should be replaced

8. When the car's temperature control switch and thermostat are damaged, fuel consumption will increase. Because the temperature control switch and the thermostat are damaged, the water temperature will be reduced, and the carburetor will not work properly, resulting in poor gasoline atomization and a significant increase in fuel consumption.

Tip: Replace the faulty part

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