Monday, June 22, 2020

Effects of bad mood on cancer

Clinical statistics show that more than 90% of cancer patients are directly or indirectly related to spirit and emotion. Mental trauma and bad emotions may become a precursor to cancer.

The results of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also show that in modern life, long-term stress at work and study, uncoordinated interpersonal relationships at work and family, and major misfortune in life are three important factors that cause cancer.

Mental factors are closely related to human immune function. We know that the human immune system is regulated by both nerves and endocrine. It can be thought that stimulus is caused by human emotions affecting the limbic system, autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and internal organs.

Negative emotions such as mental depression act on the central nervous system, causing disorders of autonomic and endocrine functions, which suppresses the body's immune function. As the stability between the organisms is broken, the cells lose their normal state and function, and constantly mutate, producing cancer cells. On the other hand, reducing the production of antibodies in the body hinders the recognition and elimination of cancer cells by lymphocytes, allowing cancer cells to break through the defense of the immune system, proliferate excessively, grow unlimitedly, and form cancer.

Mental factors play a very important role in the occurrence, development and spread of cancer. This has been confirmed by animal experiments by Dr. Vernon Riley of the United States. The animal is stimulated with sound and light to cause tension and anxiety. As a result, the defense ability of the animal's immune system is greatly weakened, and cancer tumors that were previously lurking in the chest are induced. Another of his experiments was that tumor cells planted on the hips of mice that were similarly stimulated quickly spread to the lungs and intestines. The reason is that these bad mental factors play the role of "awakening" the sleeping "lion" (cancer cell), allowing it to grow "crazy" and devour the body unscrupulously.

Someone likened bad emotions to bullet-filled guns, and any tiny stimulus was like pulling its trigger. Indeed "bad emotions are activators of cancer cells." As a philosopher said: "Among all the adverse effects on people, the one that can make people die for the shortest is bad emotions and bad moods, such as worry, decadence, fear, greed, cowardice..." For breast cancer, more than two thousand years ago, Dr. Galen of Ancient Rome knew that women with breast cancer often suffer from depression. Modern medicine has proved this. Depressive and negative emotions can cause excessive prolactin secretion and cause breast cancer. The analysis of the cause of breast cancer in Traditional Chinese Medicine by Chinese Traditional Medicine believes that "depression hurts the liver, thinks about hurting the spleen, thinking about what you want, can't do what you want, causing meridian meridian, coalescence and nucleation." Most liver cancer patients have "big The experience of "anger" hurts the liver, and patients with gastric cancer often get "sullied". As the saying goes: "All diseases are born of qi", "all diseases originate from the heart".

Treating a disease requires healing, bad emotions, melancholic spirit, and damage to people's health, even worse than bacteria and viruses. Emotions can kill and save people. Good mood, like a heart medicine, has a strong lethal effect on cancer cells and cannot be replaced by any medicine. Marx once said: "A good mood can relieve physical fatigue and pain more than ten good medicines."

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