Thursday, June 25, 2020

Effective ways to prevent cockroaches at home

Xiaoqiang's habit

Xiaoqiang likes to choose places that are warm, humid, rich in food and many gaps. Shenzhen's climate provides a breeding ground for Xiaoqiang's breeding. Residents' furniture and cabinets have many gaps, the kitchen is rich in food, and the bathroom is relatively damp, etc., which constitutes an excellent place for Xiaoqiang's residence.

Like darkness and light, day and night, this is also an important habit of Xiaoqiang. They are hidden in dark and dark places during the day, such as indoor furniture, cracks in walls, caves and corners, and debris piles. Go out at night, especially when the night is quiet. Xiaoqiang's flat figure makes it crawl faster than people's running speed, so Xiaoqiang is always fleeting in front of our eyes, but he can't catch it when he sees it.

Xiaoqiang carries a lot of germs. Even if the head is separated from the body, it can survive for nine days. The cockroach eggs bred in the body will also be emitted to continue to reproduce, so it is called Xiaoqiang who can't be killed.

Why are there Xiaoqiang in refrigerators and disinfection cabinets?

First of all, the sealing effect of refrigerators and disinfection cabinets is generally better. However, if Xiaoqiang is infested in your refrigerator and disinfection cabinet, it does not rule out the problem of poor sealing between the two. You should carefully check whether there is a gap in the seal.

Secondly, if there is no sealing problem in the refrigerator and disinfection cabinet of your home, it is the hygiene problem of the sealing port. Xiaoqiang is likely to lay eggs at the sealed interface. When you open the door of the refrigerator or disinfection cabinet, Xiaoqiang will take the opportunity to slip in. So you have to clean the groove at the sealing port frequently.

Here, the editor also reminds friends who use the disinfection cabinet. Many friends like to put the sterilized tableware directly in the disinfection cabinet, and take it out next time, this behavior is also easy to breed bacteria and Xiaoqiang. Because a lot of water vapor will be generated in the cabinet, the water vapor will be converted into water and stay in the disinfection cabinet after returning to temperature. The humid environment is conducive to the growth of bacteria. If there is no regular cleaning and drying, bacteria appear in the disinfection cupboard, and the probability of attracting cockroaches is very high. It is recommended that you take out the washed dishes and dry them, and the disinfection cabinet should pay attention to ventilation and keep it dry.

How to eliminate Xiaoqiang?

Having said so much, the big guy must be anxious. How should he deal with this stubborn enemy?

The most effective way to remove Xiaoqiang is to clean and keep your home clean and tidy. Clean the house at home, dispose of garbage in a timely manner, and keep the room dry with more ventilation. Xiaoqiang lives in a humid environment, so care should be taken not to leak any places, especially in the kitchen. The editor here recommends that you do not use wooden materials in the kitchen as much as possible, because the interior of the wooden material is easy to penetrate moisture, causing deformation and forming gaps, which is easy to breed Xiaoqiang.

Xiaoqiang doesn't like pungent taste. For example, if you put cut cucumbers or onions at home or in the refrigerator, Xiaoqiang will retreat. Take an appropriate amount of washing powder and dilute it with water, and then use a cloth to dip some of this washing powder solution to wipe the surface, inside and dead corners of the cabinet. Such a simple method can make Xiaoqiang escape.

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