Monday, June 22, 2020

Eat out "pancreatitis", these problems must be vigilant!

What is the use of the pancreas? What is pancreatitis?

The pancreas is an organ in the human abdomen that integrates production and transportation functions. It is located at the junction of the stomach and the chest, deep in the left side of the stomach, and leans against the back.

After we eat, the pancreas feels the signal from the stomach and works hard to contribute the "weapons" (digestive enzymes, etc.) that we have already produced to help digest food. These "weapons" are transported into the intestine through a pipeline. Converge with the foods there, turning various foods into nutrients that the body can absorb.

Because the "lethal power" of "weapons" is very strong, transmission pipelines and storage devices are usually equipped with specific protective devices. Once a leak occurs for some reason, it will cause great damage to the surrounding environment, resulting in pancreatitis.

What causes "leakage"?

In general, there are two common causes of pancreatitis. One is that stones from the biliary tract block the pancreas's transport of "weapons", causing the "weapons" to stagnate and then leak, causing inflammation.

The other is drinking alcohol or eating foods with high fat content. The pancreas feels strong working pressure and strives to overproduce "weapons", which finally affects the integrity of the protective device, causing leakage and causing pancreatitis. This may also be The murderer who made Xiao Tao suffer from pancreatitis.

Is pancreatitis serious?

The severity of pancreatitis depends on the degree of pancreatic "weapon" leakage and the body's response to "weapon" leakage. Pancreatitis can be very light, and does not even require infusion. A light diet for 3-5 days can be good for yourself; some do not need to be hospitalized. First, do not eat or drink, infusion for a few days, and then gradually resume the diet.

However, severe pancreatitis is more terrifying, especially the organs in the stomach are directly damaged by the strong lethality, swells so much, the pain does not work, and it is impossible to defecate; All organs of the brain, intestines, and kidneys are mobilized to fight the leaked "weapon", which may cause respiratory failure, heart failure, unconsciousness, kidney failure, and even lead to life danger!

At this time, you need to go to the rescue room or intensive care unit, and use various methods to help the organs of the body pass through. Fortunately, severe pancreatitis is relatively rare. After getting sick, blood is drawn and filmed according to the doctor's instructions, and fully evaluated. After early detection and early diagnosis and treatment, most patients can survive safely.

How to treat pancreatitis?

If it is pancreatitis caused by blockage of stones from the biliary tract, you have to take a picture to see if you need to pull out the stones. In addition, most pancreatitis can heal itself as long as the pancreas is fully rested to give it time to recover. Because every time you eat, the pancreas can't help but work, so either eat or drink.

Wait for the pancreas to recover slowly (this time requires a doctor to judge), and then gradually drink water, rice soup, porridge, noodles, vegetables, pancreatitis, we have passed.

If you have pancreatitis caused by too much fat in the blood like Xiao Tao, you will also need lipid-lowering treatment, such as taking lipid-lowering drugs or using insulin. If it is a very serious condition, you may need to use a special machine to remove the fat from the blood." "Suck" away.

Will pancreatitis have sequelae?

In most cases, pancreatitis can be cured without sequelae. If the pancreas is damaged more seriously, its basic function of producing digestive "weapons" is affected, which will directly weaken the body's digestion and absorption function, which may later cause diabetes or inability to digest fats, proteins and other foods. Sometimes the damaged pancreas is not reconstructed according to the "original design drawings", there may be pancreatic cysts, or a new channel that is not supposed to be magically produced-medically called "sinus tract", causing more complicated situations, This requires further examination and evaluation for treatment, and even surgery.

Will pancreatitis recur? How to prevent it?

If well maintained, pancreatitis will not recur. However, there are several types of people who may become regulars in emergency department. For example, some patients have biliary tracts that are prone to grow small stones. These stones falling repeatedly to block the pancreas can cause pancreatitis repeatedly, so it is necessary to deal with small stones in the biliary tract. Some people have high blood lipids, which are not well controlled, and they are also prone to pancreatitis after a big meal. Therefore, it is not difficult to prevent pancreatitis, mainly to manage the small stones in the gall bladder, and do not overeating.

The emergency doctor told you so much about pancreatitis, the main thing is to remind you that the body management is normal. If you want to meet with us less, you must establish a correct outlook on health.

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