Monday, June 29, 2020

Easy to be missed by car owners for maintenance details

Car maintenance is now more and more valued by people. Many car owners like to clean or smooth their cars for their daily maintenance, but each car always has some maintenance parts that we can't touch or think of. Although these parts It is difficult to reach, but it plays a vital role in driving safety.

In the car:

Ignition line: 20,000 kilometers to be replaced

For the maintenance of spark plugs, I believe many car owners will pay attention, but compared with it, only a few car owners may pay attention to the position of the ignition line in the ignition system at the same time. Only when the power or even the fire broke out, I realized that it was the problem caused by the ignition wire. Due to the harsh location and working environment of the ignition wire, the probability of aging and damage is higher. For engines equipped with a three-way catalytic system, the problem of insufficient ignition energy and low power will cause serious consequences. Therefore, experts pointed out that it is best to replace the ignition wire every 20,000 kilometers.

Brake disc: Excessive wear without knowing

Compared with brake shoes, brake discs are less mentioned by car owners in their daily maintenance. In fact, both are important. Most car owners have been staring at when to replace the brake shoes, but they do not pay attention to the deteriorating of the brake disc. Over time, it will directly affect the brake safety. Especially when the brake shoes are replaced two or three times, they should be replaced. After all, if the brake disc wears too much, its thickness will become very thin, which will affect normal driving at any time.

Generator bearings: 60,000 kilometers to be repaired

Some people complain that the 4S shop is frequently replaced by repairs, but in fact it depends on the specific failure situation. For example, as long as the generator is maintained according to regulations, the service life can be greatly extended. Generally speaking, when the vehicle travels 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers, the generator should be repaired. Similarly, the bearings of water pumps, power steering pumps, and air-conditioning compressors should also be regularly inspected.

Outside the car:

Wiper maintenance: regular cleaning to extend life

Some car owners feel that there are not many opportunities to drive on rainy days, and relatively few opportunities to use wipers. Therefore, they do not pay much attention to some of the daily abnormal conditions of wiper blades. The problem is usually serious until it affects the wiper effect. Except for daily use, if there is less water on the front windshield, wipe the wiper empty, which will aggravate the wear of the wiper and affect its level. Strong objects appear on the front windshield, such as pigeons and other birds' dry stool, also avoid using hard wipers directly. Since the material of the wiper blade is mainly rubber, it will age and harden for a long time. The owner can buy a rubber curing agent from the car supply store. Spraying the rubber part of the wiper blade every month can play the role of curing the rubber strip. , At least 30-50% of the service life of the rubber strip can be extended. In addition, when it is found that the wiper blade is not completely wiped, you can also buy a wiper blade repair device, which rubs the rubber part of the wiper blade to repair the irregularly worn parts.

If during the use, you can see that the windshield wiper has left slender streaks from the windshield, it is difficult to see the outside world. This may be because there are foreign objects on the wiper blade or the edge is worn, the treatment method is to clean the edge first , If the symptom is not resolved, it needs to be replaced.

Instrument panel cleaning: self-made tools are effective

Every driver needs to face the dashboard directly during each use of the car.

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