Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Early pregnancy, do not want the fetus to be in danger, pay more attention to these daily details

Generally speaking, the first and third trimesters of pregnancy after pregnancy are the ones that require the most attention from pregnant mothers. Especially in the first trimester, the fetal development is unstable, and there will be many unexpected situations. Therefore, early pregnancy, do not want the fetus to be in danger, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to the following daily details.

Don’t be too tired, and don’t often do small tugging

When I was pregnant, I didn't show any thoughts. Many pregnant mothers didn't take pregnancy seriously. They should do housework and housework, and do whatever they want to do. In fact, this may make the fetus dangerous, which is not alarmist.

Because, after pregnancy, it is not taken seriously, busy with housework or work all day, too tired, it will make the body unable to eat, which will affect the development of the fetus. Moreover, due to physical reasons, some women do not pay attention to heavy work such as lifting heavy objects and mopping the floor, which can easily cause threatened abortion.

In addition, don't often do small movements to pull your belly, such as stretching your waist, raising your legs high, splitting, etc., try not to do it. Because of these small movements, it is easy to pull the belly, and it may cause danger to the fetus if you are not careful. Therefore, in the first trimester, pregnant mothers are still appropriate activities, pay more attention to rest.

Don't touch the small belly frequently to avoid discomfort or miscarriage

There are also pregnant mothers who habitually protect their stomachs after pregnancy. This is understandable. After all, there is a small life in the stomach, and women will have a little bit of maternal love to protect their babies.

However, if you often touch the small belly, it is not good. Because the fetus has just developed in the first trimester, it is still relatively fragile. If the pregnant mother does not grasp the strength of touching, it is likely to hurt the fetus, and there is a risk of abdominal discomfort or miscarriage.

However, some pregnant mothers have to say that touching can improve mother-infant interaction and promote fetal movement, is it good for development? Yes, but this is about stress, and not too often. Therefore, pregnant mothers in the first trimester should not caress their stomachs frequently, and they should also pay attention to their movements when touching them occasionally.

Pay attention to abdominal pain or redness, and go to the hospital in time

In the first trimester of pregnancy, abdominal pain and redness can easily occur. Of course, these two conditions may not occur at the same time, but pregnant mothers should pay more attention. If you find abnormal abdominal pain, you should quickly go to the hospital to see if there is a problem with the fetus. In addition, when you see the red, don’t listen to the old man’s “ten men and nine leaks” rhetoric, and go to the hospital for investigation in time, so as not to delay the treatment and make the fetus dangerous.

Like some pregnant mothers who have thick branches and leaves during the first trimester, they always feel that their stomach pains are normal, so they ignore this small detail with hidden safety hazards. But when the problem is serious, it is too late to protect the tire. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the situation of abdominal pain or redness in early pregnancy and go to the hospital in time.

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